Sunglasses ~ Seasonal? Permanent?

  1. I just a few days ago picked up my first pair of Vuitton sunglasses, Tonga in beige. My first pair of sunglasses ever, in fact, and I'm loving them :smile:.
    Does anybody know how the availability of their sunglass styles work? I mean, the Tonga was featured in a recent catalogue, along with some ready to wear, can I take this to mean they're almost a seasonal item/temporarily permanent?
  2. congrats on your first pair. i guarantee you, they've VERY addictive. they're one of the best made and you can really feel and see the difference. you won't look at any other brand the same ever again.

    some - like your Tonga - are seasonal. but there are permanent models as well like the Faux Semblant, Obsession, Soupçon, Conspiration, etc. other seasonals are Evidence, Alhambra, Knowlton, Reardon, etc. then there's the limited edition models like the Millionaires and LV Cup. HTH :tup:
  3. Thanks Duck :smile: They definitely feel like a quality product, except that one of the arms' screws has obviously been loosened then tightened (screw hole has been twisted out of whape and lost it's matte-grey coating - obviously something very small, but I'm seeing this as a flaw... :s it says to me that they've been adjusted outside of the manufacturing stage and I'm getting a less than perfect product.

    Would you return these and/or try to get a replacement?
  4. if it bugs you that much, exchange it :yes:
  5. Ya, go exchange it. You'll more than loooove LV sunnies...:p *LOL*