sunglasses - Sarah vs. Peony

  1. So I just got back from the local bagel place to get some lunch (sooo going to miss it when I start my new job!). The lady in front of me had Coach sunglasses that I was drooling over. The outside looked very similar to my Peony sunnies, except that instead of 1 gold bar and the lozenge design, it had 2 gold bars and the circle design (like on the ergo line) in between.

    I thought perhaps they were the Sarah sunglasses because I vaguely remember seeing them on eBay and thought they were very similar to my Peonys.

    Well I just looked on eBay and the Sarah sunnies look exactly like my Peonys. Is there a difference? Or are people just mixing up the two?
  2. I have the Sarah's...not sure if the peony's are exactly the same, but if you look at my photos from Italy you can see the Sarah's.
  3. I figured out the difference I think.

    I also found the sunglasses the lady was wearing...Patricia's. Definately want a pair now, although I'd want them in tortoise and that's what my Peony's are.

    Edit: I found the Patricia's on eBay for $100 in camel. I'm very tempted to buy them! Listing ends in 2 hours...hmm...
  4. What a good deal! I would deff buy them they are so cute!
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  6. I missed out on the ebay auction, but there are several other pairs for $100 or less. I'm not quite sure if I should get the caramel (not camel as I said earlier) or black pair. Has anyone seen the caramel in person? They look lighter in some pictures than others. I don't really look too good in sunnies that are too trendy, so I'm a bit afraid I'll look stupid in such light sunglasses. This is why I like tortoise. Very classic. I also think I don't look that good in black sunglasses either, but the pair on ebay have gray/blue lenses which looks cool.


  7. I love the Patricia's. I have them in both black and tortoise. I bought the tortoise first at the outlet I worked in, then tracked down black ones earlier this year at another outlet. You should try calling around and seeing if any outlets near you have them. They were only $69.99!

    I've never seen the caramel color in person, I didn't even know they were made in that.

    There is a very slight possibility I may be going to the San Marcos outlet this weekend. (It all depends on whether or not a guitar amp on Craigslist sells tonight or not, because the bf really wants it and it's in Austin.) I bought my black ones there.