Sunglasses question

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  1. Hi all

    I have my beloved pair of Fendi FS 346 sunnies in brown/pink (really don't remember the what was this colour named). It's my favourite pair of all the sunnies but I own them really lon now (do any one of us remember wneh were they out? I feel like ages ago). They are in perfect condition, but now I'm thinking that mabey they are too old to wear. I mean- are they stil in? They are too young to be vintage and probably too old to be fashionable. Should I get rid of them and get the new pair? Put them in the closed and wait for 10 years to wear again? Or it's OK to wear such an old sunnies...

    Will appriciate all your oppinions, bacause the sun is starting to shine more and more :smile:
  2. I've never seen IRL but just googled that model and I like them. They seem to be a pretty basic sunglass, no?
  3. Yes they are basic ones :smile:
  4. Those are still pimp. Wear them! I still wear my Doirs from like 10 years ago. People love them!
  5. Thanks so much for your oppinion. To be homest I'm looking for something new for about 2-3 ears now, but nothing suits me....