Sunglasses Question

  1. Sorry if this question has already been asked. Is there an authentic website where I can buy real Gucci Sunglasses at a discounted price? And I can also return them? (so I can try them on and if they don't fit return them). Thanks!
  2. try bluefly..
  3. and an australian site called - there may be a US version of this. It sells mostly optical frames but has a good line of designer aswell. I have bought D&G from these guys and was satisfied...
  4. Thanks guys!!
  5. where are you located? I have bought Gucci glasses discounted at off Saks. Maybe there is one near you . I also have found them at this place in Florida when I was there visiting. I got their card so I can get them to ship glasses to me.
  6. I live in Ohio. We do have a Saks close to us but I don't know if they are on sale.
  7. at Off Saks the Saks outlet all the glasses are discounted. They are older models I think but still cute ones. I bought the 1819S for around $80 I think. I have never seen any Guccis over $100.00.
  8. is a great site. I bought a pair of Dior shades last summer. They have a ton of designer shades. Sometimes they will email me coupon codes to use during checkout. You should check it out.