Sunglasses or Hats indoors?

  1. What is everyone's opinion on this?

    What if you are hiding from paparazzi? :lol:
  2. I could never figure out why people would wear sunglasses indoors. It looks silly to me.

    Hats? Well, it would depend on the hat. I can see wearing a baseball cap, winter hat or any other hat - depending on the circumstance.
  3. The hats and sunglasses indoor deal really baffles my mind. Everytime my boyfriend and I see people doing this we just have to chuckle. I mean in an attempt to look cool I think they look ridiculous:shrugs: . Ok, the hats are fine but the sunnies...c'mon?!

    My opinions don't change with a hat and sunglasses are going to really disguise who they are? I'm sure all the paparazzi will be a dead give away...;)
  4. i wear sunnies indoors if i have a migraine but still have to be part of the world. florescent lights are killer. but i'm in so much pain i don't really care if i look ridiculous or not. :smile: otherwise though, it's kind of silly.

    hats inside, especially baseball caps, don't bother me usually. heck, i thought it was basically part of the early 20s male uniform?
  5. What about a big floppy wool or straw hat?

    In general I find hats to be too flamboyant ... too bad, because I love Philip Treacy!
  6. I realllllly love hats -- tracy watts and lola are my favs... but depending on the hat, they're more for casual-outdoor use. the only reason I do not take off my hat is because I hate hat hair.
  7. I have prescription sunglasses -- blind without them. Sometimes, if I think I'm going to be running in somewhere quickly, I will keep them on but get stuck in for a long time. I keep taking them off when I speak with people because I feel as if they want to see my eyes. I never could understand how MIchael Kors could view fashion shows with his sunglasses on. It must be difficult.
  8. not unless you're a superhero....

    when you're a superhero, you can basically do whatever you please
  9. I wear sunglasses indoors, outdoors, pretty much all the time. It isn't to look cool. I am very sensitive to light and get migraines. I even wear them at the gym. I could care less about the "glares" I receive or the rude remarks. You never know why someone is wearing them in the first place. Never assume. In a heartbeat I would opt to never wear sunglasses since they are a PITA. It doesn't bother me when people do it, simply because I know there may be other reasons. As for hats, maybe they have a "head" condition????
  10. I take off my sunnies when I go indoors. But if I'm wearing anything on my head for the day, it stays on until I get home, cos IMO hat hair is just... :yucky: And I just wouldn't subject anyone to looking at me like that :P
  11. um..if ur just running indoors for 5 minutes, then going out again, i think its fine to leave ur sunglasses on. but, if ur going to stay in doors for an extensive amt of time, then it would make most sense to take them off...hahaha...

    as for hats? i never wear hats..hehe
  12. With respect to hats, it depends on the place and occasion. For example, it is still the custom in some communities, for ladies in houses of worship to wear some sort of head covering, either for regular services or a wedding or other celebration. When in doubt, if there is someone you can ask about the local practice, that's always perfectly OK, you won't come across as ignorant, but as someone who is courteous enough to wish to be respectful of local traditions, or if there is no one you can ask, watch your neighbors. If their hats stay on, leave yours on, too!

    Sunglasses is even trickier. Generally speaking, I would say that if you enter someone's home, their office, or again, a house of worship, remove them.

    If, however, you are making a quick visit to a fast food restaurant or convenience store, if you forget to take them off, it is unlikely that anyone will look askance, especially if the establishment is frequented by young people!
  13. Ilzabeth and Pinksuadesoho sorry to hear about the migranes :sad:. I've only had a couple in my lifetime and they are absoutely dreadful. I give you two credit for even going out with one of those because when I get them, I'm in bed until they go away. I will never look at those who wear sunglasses indoors the same :yes:
  14. I wear my sunglasses outdoors mainly but sometimes if I go into a shop in daytime I'll leave them on if I don't feel too well..
    You know..people don't look at you as much when they can't see your eyes lol ..
    I like it especially when there are alot of guys in an area, this way they don't flirt or bug you as much cause they have no clue where you're looking :biggrin:..makes it easy for me :P I'm a shy girl at times so it just helps ;)

    but I usually take em off. cause I kind of go blind if the lights aren't strong enough..a girl needs to see ;)

    and about hats..I don't use em but it depends..some people can pull it off ;) depends on the outfit and how it looks of course.
  15. I think wearing a hat indoors is perfectly fine, I really don't know anyone who would be offended by this, I mean...if it was a big floppy straw hat lol, then yes you look rediculous! but otherwise, who cares.

    I wouldn't wear sunglasses inside.