Sunglasses obsession

  1. I got my first pair of chanel sunnies about 3 weeks ago, tortoise shell with gold CCs, then I got black with rhinestone CCs, now I want some white ones! Even though I have 2 pairs of white sunglasses (vaurnet and vuitton from last years cruise collection). Am I crazy?
  2. no, I love them too! if more of them looked good on me I'd be scared to see how many I'd own!
  3. ^^LOL same, I finally found a pair that suits my face, and I'm dangerously debating with new white ones with the three black camilias on the temple... its a little wide for my face but I would love them with a ponytail!
  4. yes I love chanel sunglasses the most. I only own 3 but I love them and would get more. Right now I always use the white one with the rhinestone CCs on the side.
  5. i love them too! once i bought one pair, i've never worn my other brands of sunnies again!
  6. I love chanel sunnies!! I discovered them this summer and now I own 3.