Sunglasses mm case . Is it worth it?

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  1. Hi All

    So I've been after a LV sunglasses case and tonight I got a call to say they have saved me one and I need to just complete the bank transfer.:yahoo:

    So before I pay I just want to get options of people who have it. If I get it I would use it for my normal glasses ( raybans ) which I have to use everyday for the computer and I current have the hard flip case .My sunglasses that are also Raybans.

    Thanks in advance :hugs:
  2. Congrats! You've love it!
  3. YES! :biggrin: I had it originally in the azur pattern for summer and then sold it come winter and I instantly regretted it. Was lucky enough to find a mono one preloved in excellent condition and I jumped on it and I will never sell this one! My favorite sunglasses are RayBans and RayBans come w/ hard cases. And I use small bags the most now so using the mm sunglasses case fits well in my alma bb's. I could never get a hard RayBan case in an alma. HTH ~ XOXO
  4. I am sure you will love it I would not part with mine and it is perfect fir RayBans.
  5. I've had mine for 2 weeks now, so I'm a newbie but I love it so far! It fits great in any bag. And it does a good job protecting. I threw my canvas bag on the concrete (not intentionally) and I just knew my prescription sunglasses were broken given the impact. Surprisingly they were fine, so the case gets an A+ from me! I think it's well worth the price for an LV addict.
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  6. Hubby bought me a mono preloved, been using for a couple of years. Totally worth it!
  7. I was hesitant to get the sunglasses case mm before because I have an oversized sunglasses but it fits!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467843032.917404.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467843047.885058.jpg
    With the sunglasses inside:
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  8. This piece is totally worth the investment in my opinion. I've had mine since February and use it every day! It is so convenient to use and really does protect my glasses, also love how it still fits into my smaller bags so much better than a hard case. Love it!
  9. I'm sold .. Just made the payment .
    1. My raybans will fit inside
    2. I have smaller LV bags and know it will for inside while protecting my glasses is a must.
    3. No more hard case taking up additional room

    Thank you all for your input . :hbeat:
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  10. Great choice! It's my most used item. It pretty much fits in every bag! You will love it.
  11. Congrats! You will love it! [emoji4]
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