Sunglasses! ?if good deal and a question...

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  1. Hi there! Im getting addicted! This is bad. ;) I posted a couple weeks ago about my first bag purchase..and today I stumbled across a pair of sunglasses at a discount store. (Filene's Basement)

    I needed a new pair of sunglasses anyway and have had no luck. ( I LOVE the look of the oversized sunglasses popular right now but they dont look great on me) They are the "Sadie" model and I got them for 69.99. Is that a decent price? They are brown w gold accents on the side.

    The only problem is, they didnt come w a case. Do you think if I emailed Coach they would send me one or prob not since it was a discount store? If not, do you think I can get a sunglass case at a Coach outlet? Do they sell logo cases at outlets (if the outlet carries other logo stuff?)

    What do you think? Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Maybe call the 800# to ask for a replacement case. Don't say you bought it from a discount store.
  3. That's a great price!! Good find! I don't know about the case though. I got my sunglasses at PCE and still paid $130. I LOVE them. They fit well, they feel good and look fab :smile: It's worth a try to ask for a case!
  4. hmmm...maybe if Im REALLY nice on the phone and tell them I got them at FB but that Id pay for a case..they will feel sorry and send me one?? ;) heheheh good idea to try the 800 number...Ill mention that Im hitting their stores more and more.

    kidlearner, did you get the same style or diff
    this is the Sadie (not a great pic)
  5. I think I have seen leather cases at the outlet, but not signature ones. I feel really lucky about the glasses I found. I got them at Nordstrom Rack for $30 (after the $20 Nordstrom Note I earned from their credit card reward program) and they came with their case. I think having the case alone was worth what I paid!!
  6. You can get the cases on eBay sometimes, make sure it's a reputable seller.
  7. Kidlearner..SO funny! I was just looking on the coach site and saw yours and was thinking I liked them b.c they look like the updated (newer) version of mine! I love the c's inside! (yes mine have the leopard..I like the c's better!)

    KymAnn...GOOD deal!! holy cow! WOW!

    Well I just emailed Coach and told them the story...I cant lie and tell them I got them at a Coach store...I get worried when I lie that something bad will happen to me :smile: (hehehe) but if they dont take pity on me...ill order a sig case off eBay maybe? They look like they go for about 10 bucks?

    thanks all!
  8. Jane! We must have posted at the same time! :smile:
    Ebay is my back up plan..thanks!
  9. I really like them. Like you, I wanted something bigger, but they all touch my cheeks and look weird. This was the biggest I could go.
    I'm like you, I can't lie either. It's totally the karma thing - not worth it!
    Good luck finding a case - hope you can get one for a decent price.
  10. Kidlearner, thanks! w you 100% on the Karma ;) I also am having prescription lenses put in my glasses so I fig I didnt want to go too trendy b.c I want them to last at least a cple years. The super big ones are cute but Im sure wont be around forever...and by the time I put in lenses they will be kind of $$. If I cant find a case Ill just get a leather one at the outlet..Im going next w.e Woo-hoo! :smile:
  11. Be careful of the leather ones - They may not be big enough. I know that my glasses are kind of thick in width when folded up. I have one of those leather case and they're zip up (I use it for pens and pencils). I'd be afraid that the zipper would scratch the lens while putting them in or taking them out?

    Okay, I just checked. They do fit, but you do have to be super careful putting them in and out with that zipper. Here's a pic of my leather case:

  12. KL, thanks!
    Ill def bring my glasses the day I go and if they seem
    like a tight fit Im not getting one. I kind of want a logo one. I wonder if the outlets ever have logo? Sounds like it isnt likely. Ill let you know what Coach says about my email. Usu nicer companies are good about stuff like this. Well see! :smile:
  13. i have a pair my boyfriend got them for me for my 3 year anniversary...i love them!!!! i wear them constantly...and when im not wearing them their in their own case....
  14. Good point. I like how you are using your case. I may need to pick one of those up. Thanks for your pictures.