Sunglasses I Found!!

  1. Want to buy for my son....but it says oversize frame. How oversized?

  2. Those are cute! I don't think they're too big...
  3. I really like those what store are they from? Do they come in black? And they don't look to oversized at all.
  4. Its under the website. They only come in brown.
  5. they come in shiny black, brown, and shiny white

    I don't think they're oversized but I guess that's relative and depends on your son's face. They should be just right & give him a nice wrap to protect his eyes from rays coming in from the side :smile:
  6. Where going to New York in Feb. I didnt know if I should buy them now or wait until we get to New York and get something different. What do you guys think?
  7. Those are cute.
  8. I Like!!!