Sunglasses, help!!!

  1. Okay I am having a terrible time with sunglasses. I just seem to not like how I look in most pairs I try on eventhough I love pretty much all styles of sunglasses. And there are so many styles sometimes I dont know where to start. :cursing: One of my friends even told me she "couldn't see me with sunglasses" but the bottom line is I NEED them so I don't kill my eyes and I'd like something that looks as stylish as possible. I have a chubby, round face :crybaby: so if anyone is pretty good with suggesting sunglasses styles can you help me? I'll post a picture of myself if it's allowed... I like chanel and Gucci the most but I'm mainly interested in anything designer

    so 1st, am I allowed to post a pic and would it be possible to suggest a general style I might want to look at from a picture?:confused1:
  2. Try dVb's aviators.. They're fabulous. Go see dvbstyle to view the collection. I like the fit and quality of it.
  3. Try some of the "oversized" ones with wide sidepieces.

    Your friend will be able to see you, and oversized sunglasses work surprisingly well with round chubby faces and all kinds of faces accompanied by small heads!