sunglasses help - burberry?

  1. I really want a new pair of sunglasses, as I'm going to sell my MJ 022 Lola's as they are just the wrong shape for my face (sadly i'm not Mischa Barton...).
    I want to replace them and like the look of some of the Burberry sunglasses on ebay, and I wondered if anyone on the PF has Burberry sunnies that they can show me pics of them wearing?
    I like these first ones (B8479), and the ones Kate is wearing in the ad, but any other suggestions are welcome.

    (ps wasn't sure where to post this - hope i got it right!)

    credit: ebay &
    BUR_B8479_0BXFLF_01.jpg buberry.jpg
  2. i remember seeing a few pairs of Burberry at Nordstroms, they are having a sale, so if you have one nearby, check it out!!
  3. that would be great, but i'm in the uk, so no Nordstrom in sight!
    there aren't any burberry sunglasses on their website either - I'm sure i checked...
  4. my bf has burberry sunnies - they are too small for me though and smash my eyelashes :sad:
  5. ^ which ones does he have - the aviators above?