Sunglasses for long runs?

  1. Can anyone recommend a nice stylish pair of sunglasses for use during running. Everything i have is bulky and slips down my nose when i sweat. I'm thinking of something along the lines of Oakley-ish style...

    Thanks and hope everyone is feeling great!
  2. umm, i was going to suggest some OAKELY Minutes? i'm not too sure if they're called Minutes but i'll see if i can find a pic for ya!!!

    i found a link:

    i hope it helps in some way... i use to have a pair of OAKLEY fives - they were great for sports and stuff like that!
  3. bolle is a great brand too
  4. Maui jim's sunglasses work great for me!
  5. I second Oakley.
    They just stay/stick on my face when I run.
  6. oakleys are great!!
  7. I have a pair of Smith Toaster Sliders that I love and which work great for running and biking. I wear them as my everyday sunnies as well as my workout sunnies. My boyfriend has a pair too, so they are even unisex! My bf has the black and I have the smoke (gray). In fact, TONS of people we run and bike with have them, too. They are reasonably priced but even cheaper on eBay!
  8. I third Oakley :smile:
  9. I have prescription Oakley's. They are awesome.
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