Sunglasses For Flat Faces/Flat Sunglasses?


Mar 30, 2011
Any advice/suggestions?

I have a flat face with a low nose and high cheekbones, and just about every single pair of sunglasses that I have ever tried on slides right down my nose and/or sits on my cheekbones. That, or when I smile, I can feel my cheeks brush up against the sunglasses.

I am looking for some oversize sunglasses, for better eye/face coverage and sun protection. Oh, and the bigger, the better - in addition to a flat face, I also have a large head. :P

P.S. I've tried sunglasses with nose pads, and in fact, owned a pair of classic Ray Ban aviators with nose pads for the longest time. However, I eventually had to give them up because the nose pads would quickly become sweaty/oily and slight right down my nose, not to mention they left indents on either side of my nose. So no more nose pads for me, methinks.


Oct 19, 2006
i'm asian, so i share the same problem as you.

I have a large collection of sunnies but usually only grab the ones that i know will not leave any markings on my face.

These are my go-to's:
chanel 5171 (had the store bent it so it is slightly flatter)
burberry 4056