Sunglasses deal of the century today at Nordstrom

  1. i'm getting contacts in about a week and a half, so i've been on the lookout for cute sunglasses (i've got a prescription Prada pair now that i obviously won't be able to use when i have my contacts in) and on a whim, when i went shopping today, i went to the sunglasses section on Nordie's. i wasn't planning on buying any until i actually get the contacts, just looking, but they were having their half-yearly sale and look what i picked up:


    but instead of the whopping $350 price tag that they still carry on eluxury, i got them for $99 DOLLARS! they're Fendi (duh) with the selleria leather on the arms and the individual number on a silver plate inside one arm. i'm soooo in love, they're just the right size, and almost the exact same shape and size as the Chanel mother-of-pearl C's sunnies that i had wanted. i don't like outwardly-logo'd things, which made the Chanels bother me, so i'm so unbelievably excited about these!

    if you're looking for sunnies, Nordstrom had a bunch of fendi, marc jacobs, and dior sunglasses on sale. they said some gucci sunnies would go on sale july 14th.

    i want to wear these now, i don't want to wait until i get my contacts...
  2. That is such a fantastic deal! What a score! Enjoy them Amanda, they are fabulous!
  3. congrats Amanda... they are such a steal... gorgeous too.
  4. thanks!

    i forgot to mention, all the sale sunnies at Nordstrom are between $69-$99. they were all a steal, i thought about getting the selerias in tortoise shell, too.
  5. What a fantastic deal!
  6. Wow, what a great deal! I'm jealous! I wear prescription sunglasses, and I can't wear contacts, so I'm stuck with the same old pair instead of being able to buy cute one.
  7. I am going to go tomorrow. I want new sunglasses. Did they have a large selection?
  8. hey whats the style no on those? I want some!!!!
  9. I love those! :love:
  10. I'm jealous. I'm going there tomorrow. I hope they still have good selection.
  11. wow, that's amazing!
  12. Ahhh!! Great shopping karma :smile: Cute sunglasses, congrats!
  13. Wow, those are beautiful. Reminds me to stop by my Nordstroms
  14. Congrats, they are rather cute. :biggrin::flowers: