Sunglasses at the Outlets?

  1. Does anyone know if they sell Coach sunglasses at Coach outlet stores? If they do, any idea how much of a discount they are below the normal price? Thanks for your help! ;)
  2. Yes...the San Marcos Outlet has them for around $79.
  3. Yes. I got a pair of the Allie sunglasses there for $68 (they retailed $198).
  4. damn. i have never seen sunglasses at wrentham. i may be going to clinton, ct next weekend so hopefully they carry them.
  5. Very rarely do I see any but I did pick up a pair of Bleekers for $60 a couple weeks ago.
  6. They are rarely at my outlet as well, but last month I picked up the Allies in tortoise for $63!:yes:
  7. Only time I saw them they were a return.
  8. I haven't seen them at the outlets here in Socal, but I know that The Nordstrom Racks carry them for $49.99 - $57.97. And they usually have a very large and nice selection......but they fly off of the shelves.
    I'm not sure where you are, but maybe check out the Nordies Rack if you have one near?
  9. Im near Boston, MA so Finzup's comment that they arent normally at Wrentham is helpful. I was hoping they would be at all outlets, like the belts and things like that seem to be. I guess Ill make some calls to be sure. Thanks for your comments everyone!