Sunglasses: Anyone Have These?

  1. I just got these from NM. They look FAB but I swear I have a headache from wearing them, they feel so heavy, I don't know if I just need to get used to them or what. Does anyone else find these heavy? Pic is from
  2. I don't have these glasses but I my Fendi sunglasses do the same thing. They're very heavy and they bother my vision for some reason. I can't deal with headaches so I just stopped wearing them.
  3. i don't have those glasses but i do have a pair of Gucci's and they do the same.. i can feel it right around my ear area..
  4. I don't have that pair, but I do have a pair of Chanel sunglasses that are not only heavy they pinch the bridge of my nose. After wearing them for about five minutes they start to leave dark red marks on my nose. I never knew wearing sunglasses could be painful.
  5. Would it help at all to take them into an eyeglass shop and have them adjusted to fit your face??? They are so gorgeous!! I have to have all my glasses adjusted, if I do not I get headaches etc...and I HAVE to have on glasses when I go outside!
  6. I have a pair very similar. Mine have the same horsebit detail on the sides. Hmmmm....they are heavy on me. In fact, they feel pretty light. Two weeks ago, my hubby bought me another pair of Gucci sunglasses. The new ones with the silver buckles on the sides and the silver metal rim around the top. They liked to have killed me! I wore them for two days and took them back. They were the heaviest, most uncomfortable sunglasses I've owned! You have to be careful with Gucci. I would take them back if they bother you. Too much $$ to be uncomfortable!
  7. ^^^ Sigh I know I should send them back to NM but they are just so cute, even my toddler said Mommy I like you in those sunglasses DARN!!!!

    Sunshine what do you mean by adjusted??
  8. The arms..or the part that goes around your ears can actually be heated and formed to fit your helps me SO much...
  9. Ha, ha, we have the same taste once again! I just received similar Gucci sunglasses from Saks online yesterday but mine have the gold GG logo on the side - same frame shape though. I love them but have only tried them on. It, of course, is pouring rain here in New England. Every time I get a new bag or a pair of sunnies it pours buckets...

    I'll certainly let you know if I find them to be heavy or uncomfortable but do not usually have a problem with any of my designer sunglasses.
  10. I just got these in the mail from and they are soooo sexy!! They sit low so you can see the eyebrows and you can look over the top in that sexy catty way. Two hundred for them, I know you can get them on eBay but you don't know if they are real. ;)
  11. Ladies please do not wear uncomfortable glasses. My mother suffered through a pair and now she is so sensitive that she cannot wear ANY glasses, sunglasses or otherwise. (Luckily, this does not appear to be the case with shoes).
  12. I have been wanting these forever, but they were too expensive. I have a very bad track record with sunglasses...
    I found a magenta(?) pair at Nordstrom Rack for $50, so I got them. They are a little bulky, but I'm getting used to them.
  13. I would return them if I were you. Lots of $$$ doesn't mean being uncomfortable!
  14. Thanks everyone!! They're actually not so bad now, I was used to just wearing super-light aviators, these are definitely heavier and take some getting used to they are FAB though!
  15. I have a pair of Gucci aviators that are super light. I'm wearing them now so i was able to take a picture of them. Sorry if the pic is bad, but it's my cell phone camera phone..