Sunglasses and Face Shape...?

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  1. I have the hardest time finding sunglesses that are flattering. I suppose it would help to know what my face shape is (ie: round, square, oval, diamond etc), but are there any tips that you ladies know of when looking for the perfect pair of shades?

    I've heard that the width of your glasses should not be any narrower than the widest part of your face..

    Any others..?
  2. Knowing your face shape will help greatly; angular (heart, square, rectangular, angular oval, oval) faces should wear angular shades and round faces should wear round-shaped shades.

    Try standing in front of a mirror and tracing the outline of your face in lipstick - this may help you decide what shape it is.

    The most flattering shape for everyone is an oval, so maybe look for oval frames.
  3. I think the best thing to do with sunglasses is to try them on, them be really critical of what you see. It's essential that sunglasses fit as they alter your entire face! There are exceptions to every rule so your sefest bet will always be to try them on. Colours are also very important, the colour of the frames and the glasses will be against your skin whenever you wear them and having the wrong coloured frame could make you look reddish, vampiric or nautious.