sunglasses addict.. any owners of the allie or nina

  1. I just got the allie from eBay and was thinking of getting the nina's from and wondered if anyone else had these and what they thought.
  2. I say go for it, I own 3 pairs I just bought the Charlee's, have the Laurens and also the Sadie's however I am thinking do i really need all three and am willing to part with the Sadies I havn't even worn them yet!!!
  3. I have the white Allie and everytime I wear it, I get lots of compliments :supacool: Plus, I just :heart: those Swarovski crystals on the temple .
  4. I got the Allies at the outlet for $68, and I love them :yahoo:
  5. wow those were originally $198 awesome price I paid $94 you did great did you get the brown or the black do you have a pic you in them I hope I like them when they arrive :O)
  6. Ask and you shall receive!


    Too bad that with my hair down you can't see the cute crystals on the side :smile:

    ETA: these are the tortoise ones.
  7. Oh my gosh they rock now I can't wait to get them woo hoo thanks for taking the time to post your pic.. super Hugs