Sunglass suggestion?

  1. My favorite pair of Chanel sunglasses were stolen yesterday :crybaby:and now I am stuck with a dilemma...which style to replace them with? Any suggestions? I am leaning toward 5076, black with mother of pearl CC's. But I am open to suggestions...what do you ladies have?
  2. I just bought these from Damien at Saks and they are awesome!

  3. I like the black with mother of pearl cc's, it's very elegant.
  4. I had the brown with mother of pearl, but sold them and bought the new 4148s (gold aviators with the sunburst logo made of crystals.) While shopping for them, I also liked 6012B style. Shaped just like the Mother of Pearl sunglasses, except the interlocking C's are made of Swarovski crystals.


  5. I have the white mother of pearls! I get a lot of attention when I go out in them!
  6. im so sorry archygirl...
    i got a pair pf black mother of pearl and that's great!:smile:
  7. oh my god smooth- I just ordered these in the green tiny- ARENT they HOT !!!!!!
    I can not wait to get them wednesday- my girlfriend go the same ones as you the tortoise
  8. I have the Chanel sunnies with the metal CC but I am craving the diamonte.
  9. Sorry to hear about your sunnies - I've got the Chanel MoP's in black and they're awesome. So comfy - really dark, and they wrap around nicely. They're also HOT! :p Here's a pic (with their Versace cousin...):
    Just Sunnies.JPG
  10. I have the black MoP ones too and they're really comfy. Def give them a try. Smoothoptr's are delic too!
  11. That's terrible! :sad:

    I have the mother of pearls and they are lovely! Very dark lense so no one can see your eyes.

    For my next purchase i'm leaning towards these ones:

  12. I am leaning toward 5076 or 5061.
  13. [​IMG]

    I got these last month and LOVE them. i don't know the style or anything though.
  14. I have the white camilla flowers on mine....great for Spring/Summer.
  15. Thank you to all who posted with suggestions so far! I am shopping for them on Friday so will take photos in hand along to try on your recommendations! I am leaning toward 5076-H still, but I love the aviators that Smooth posted. They are beautiful