Sunglass sadness....

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  1. Last April I bought a beautiful pair of Chanel Sunglasses at the NYC boutique. I brought them home to have prescription lenses put in and have been oh so happy with them.
    I chose to NOT use the hard case they came with because I found it to bulky in my purse. Instead I used a padded ,fabric ( vera bradley) sun glass holder because it took up less room. I began to notice one ear piece was getting a little squished. Did I change my evil ways and use the hard case. No, I just pushed the ear piece back in place. Finally, it fell off in my hand! The hinge is completely trashed and according to my optical shop here, cannot be repaired. I'm so mad at myself.
    Cautionary tale..... use your hard case for large sunglasses and spare yourself the tragedy of sunglass sadness!!
    P.S. I am considering calling the boutique to have them send me the same pair again. I do have perfectly good lenses to place in them. But presently I am berrating myself, and am not sure I deserve a new pair!
  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear that....I know I would call and get another pair...I always use my hard cases for my good sunglasses...soft cases for less expensive...I know how you feel..I hate when it's my own fault when I ruin something!!!! :cursing: What are you going to do? :heart: Emmt
  3. aww man! I'm sorry to hear that! :sad:
  4. Yes, you do. You made a mistake and I'm sure you will use your hard case from now on!

    A few weeks ago, I put my optical glasses in the pocket of my jacket and later sat down... I don't know how I did it, but I ended up sitting on my glasses and breaking the arm and part of the lens. So, I know what you mean about being angry with yourself.
  5. You do deserve a new pair! We all learn from our mistakes!
  6. I'm sorry to hear this, you do deserve another pair!
    I think that you've learned your lesson
  7. Betsey, so sorry you are having problems with your glasses. Are these the ones that I tried on in Charlotte? I really loved those glasses.

    I still haven't found a pair that I can wear my RX in but I'm still looking. Our Lenscrafters does not carry Chanel. So, I guess I'll be getting the Chanel glasses on my next trip to Charlotte.

    I hope to see you again soon.
  8. Aw thanks ladies for all the kind words. I think my period of bereavement may be over and time to move on....Yes, I think I've learned my lesson and will be extra careful with my next pair! Time to call Chanel!
    Debbie: yes, it was the very same pair. If you think you might like to order that pair ( remember, it wasnt a problem adding prescription lenses) I'll give you the Chanel item/color numbers. If the boutique doesnt still carry that style, I'm pretty sure it is still available on some reputable web sites. ( yes, I have already checked! Not that I was PLANNING to replace them all along or anything.......)
  9. :crybaby:
    I ALWAYS use my hard case !!!:yes:
  10. The hard case is sooooo huge, but I use it as well. I learned my lesson with another pair of sunglasses years ago, and now I'm very careful will them. Definitely get a new pair. You deserve them! :yes:
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that about your glasses.
    I know you mentioned the optical shop said they could not be repaired, but did you try taking them to the Chanel Boutique and see if they can send them in for repair? It's worth a shot. I mean you never know, maybe they can do something your optical shop couldn't. ;)
  12. designer 304: thanks, I totally agree. In fact I plan to plead my case with the boutique prior to asking them to ship me a new pair. You are absolutely right because I have nothing to lose in at least ASKING them right? They may be able to re-attach the ear piece-no big deal.
  13. That is the pits. Thanks for giving us the heads up.
  14. Aww that bites! Sorry to hear that!
  15. That's terrible! I would probably cry. Hope you find another pair you love!