Sunglass repair @ NYC boutique?

  1. A year ago I was in NY and bought a beautiful pair of Chanel sunglasses. Once I returned home, I had the lenses replaced with my prescription lenses tinted to match the original lenses. Several months ago, one earpiece fell off. I have attempted to have them repaired locally without sucess. Does anyone know the repair policy at the NYC boutique. I'm not expecting any sort of warrenty coverage. I simply want them fixed and am willing to pay for the repair. Otherwise I may have to buy the same exact pair and replace the lenses again! I love these glasses! ( I am fairly certain the breakage was the result of my carelessness, not any type of product defect)
    Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. bumping your question and adding a follow up--one of the lenses popped out of my chanel sunnies--can I get it replaced? it is sooo lost
  3. I had a pair of sunglasses with the cc rhinestones and one of them had fallen out. I took it there and they sent it out for repair. It took a long time and I wasn't happy when I got it back since the rhinestone was crooked, so they sent it out again but I didn't pay anything for the repair so I was happy in the end when it came out perfect.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, Chanel sunglasses come with a 3-year warranty that protects you in the case of manufacturer's defects. Check your warranty paperwork - there should be a date of purchase, S/N (I think), and a Dealer Stamp, identifying the point of purchase. I don't know if the earpiece will be covered, but it's definitely worth a try to see if you can get them repaired by Chanel.

    Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks for the info, Leam., SP, and Uhkiwi. I'll be in NY tomorrow and I'm going to take the glasses with me and drop by the boutique. Hopefully, they'll be able to repair them!
  6. I called Chanel today because I scratched the lens on my glasses and need to have it repaired or replaced. They referred me to Luxotica (sp?) to have it repaired. The number they gave me was 800-343-5594. I tried calling but they closed at 5 pm EST so I'll try again tomorrow. I look forward to hearing what you find out!!

  7. I work for Sunglass Hut and we're owned by Luxottica. The company owns LensCrafters too and basically buys the rights to manufacture all of the brands that we sell. Anyway, we do sell Chanel sunglasses and my manager told me a story about this girl who bought Chanel sunglasses from the boutique but they gave her such a hard time about it that she ended up coming to us. In the end, I think my manager decided to help her and her sunglasses were taken care of. Just for future reference in case anyone is interested, buying from Sunglass Hut gives you two warranties, both of which last for a year. Manufacturer's defects (lens peeling, crystals falling off, etc.) results in a free, new pair. And Breakage Protection meaning if you do anything to break or scratch them yourself, we give you a new pair for half off. Haha, I sound like I'm advertising for the company but having these refunds is reassuring for me, at least.

    Good luck to everyone who is looking to fix their damaged glasses! :smile: