Sunglass Expo, are they for real...?

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  1. Does sell authentic sunnies?
  2. I would never buy from this site. 20% charge for returns AND exchanges? That's complete BS. I am also really suspicious about the fact that they list a US address yet there are European spellings of words, European style dates, etc. Something doesn't add up.
  3. Oh well, thankyou for helping me again.:ty:
  4. I actually purchased from a pair of Chanel 4141Q sunglasses. They arrived within 4 days of the time I placed my order and were absolutely gorgeous. They came with all of the paperwork. Just to be sure, I took them to chanel boutique in Manhattan to get verified and they were authenticated. They were extremely helpful. I actually asked one of the customer service people about their return policy and he explained that that unless the item is damaged, they do take 20% restocking fee because they pay their supplier for them and if they want to return undamaged glasses, their supplier charges them 20% restocking fee. But i did not have to return because I loved them right away. I am eyeing another pair of Chanels and I would only go to to make a purchase. :tup:
  5. Yeah, right, you would only go to because it's YOUR website, right? Chanel doesn't do authentications for products not purchased in their boutiques. And I also find it really hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would find it OK to be charged a 20% penalty to return an item.

    We can see right through this type of post. The people on this forum aren't that dumb!
  6. It's not my site, I just had a good experience purchasing from them and wanted to share with the rest of the people on this board. Chanel Boutique DID authenticate them for me. Shows how much you know.
  7. I recently purchased a pair of Dior boudoir sunglasses from them as far as i can tell they are real, i work in a department store that sells designer sunglasses so knew what to expect, they came in the right cases with copyright & model name where they should be. I was also provided witha fedex tracking number so i could see where my glasses were every step of the way & they were sent from the states!

    If they are fake then they are a very very very good fake!
  8. Oh, then please do share the location and street address of the boutique, the phone number and the sales associate you spoke with -- I'm sure a lot of us would like to know.
  9. Right on Lori, Actually the two "different" individuals who posted here within 1 day from each other, had also both of them posted an answer to the same question on Yahoo here Buyers beware.
  10. In a bid to prevent more victimsI submit my experience.

    I live in the UK and ordered a pair of glasses as an anniversary present for my girlfriend from I used my credit card to purchase them then recieved an email saying that my card declined and that I should contact my card company to authorise payment and then reply to the email to confirm that I had authorised the transaction... BIG MISTAKE! The flood gates opened, I've had numerous unauthorised transactions and am about to lose a further $390/£267 because the card company cannot block the payment at this stage.

    I have now done some research on the net (wish I would have done before I bought them) and have found out that this company is nothing but trouble. Bizzarely enough there is another website called which look more legitimate and have exactly the same pictures of glasses as the rouge company.
  11. Thanks for the info. Almost purchased a few pairs of sunglasses until I lucked out and read your forum. You guys rock!
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    Do NOT purchase from these people. I tried to purchase a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. I was sent a order confirmation email. After TWO WEEKS without any communication, I called the company to check on my order. The guy said they had to special order this so I would have to wait. I asked why I hadn't received any communication when the email had said delivery would occur in 3 to 7 days. He said we can't email everyone all the time about everything!!! So basically we got into an argument for 30 minutes about what constitutes good customer service.

    So I said cancel my order. He said there is a 20% cancellation fee!! So the person who posted the ******** about restocking fee is the xxxx from the company. BTW, there is no one else besides this one guy who probably operates this out of his home.

    So I waited another 2 weeks for any communication. I called him again. Another argument ensued where I said I'm calling my bank and having them reverse the charges because of fraud. He then said he would refund the money. And I said how long? He replied how am I supposed to know, I'm not a bank. Then he called me a x x. I KID YOU NOT. So another shouting match. Yes, he was yelling at me.

    So I called my bank and had them reverse the charge. They said they would investigate. Then a week later I noticed he reversed the charge.

    Anyway, this company or one guy is an x. They act like a business out of the trunk of the car. Do not purchase from them. In the end, I purchased mine from They were very friendly, and I received my glasses within 2 weeks.

    **please go read our rules before posting again.**
  13. Hi all, i ordered a pair of Roberto Cavalli sunglasses from this website on 15th December 2009. After I had made the purchase by credit card I found this website and the panic set in. Whilst my credit card was debited immediately it took a good 3 days for the tracking details to come through. From there I was able to track my sunglasses through the USPS website. I was caught up in the Xmas postal rush and we had a postal strike also here in Australia but I thought I would write and let everyone know that my sunglasses arrived today and they certainly look to be genuine. It did take a good 2 weeks but I think that had a lot to do with the Xmas post and maybe they had many orders over Xmas. The contact via email I had with the company was really good and they even responded to my panic stricken emails over the weekend. I only have good things to say. The package originated from Brooklyn, New York if that helps any. I dont think it comes from Europe.
  14. I have very similar experience with the "srosevear". I've found this site after purchasing from the
    I received a very basic order confirmation from the company but did not hear anything about the shipment in 1-3 days, as promised... There was no "my account" page on their website either.
    6 days after my order, I sent them an e-mail asking about the shipment and was told by David Huley that my order was still in process. I got suspicious and immediately called my bank to stop payment to this company. Unfortunately, they were not able to stop a pending payment. They told me to wait until the payment is realized and file a reverse request after that. I was panicked but couldn't do anything else at that moment. The next day, I received an e-mail from Mr.Huley saying that my order was shipped. I was still not comfortable about my order and didn't know what I would receive in the package. Finally, my glasses arrived in 13 days after ordering them. They look exactly the same as in the picture. Even though there wasn't certification or guarantee papers in the case, they look very real an have a good quality after all. I'm so happy with my glasses but after all these posts and stressfull waiting, I'm not sure if I'll do business with them ever again. They don't work like other online businesses.