Sunglass Case Help?!

  1. So I wake up this morning, only to find my dog chewing on the case to my Chanel sunnies :cursing: My case is destroyed (bitten chewed and covered in dog hair) but luckily my sunglasses are fine. Does anyone know how I get a new case? Do I just call and order one? Any help would be much appreciated :yes:


    (ETA: I did a search on this but couldn't find anything, sorry if it's already been posted!)
  2. ask your nearby Chanel boutique if they have any extra ones you can buy
  3. If you have a usual SA you work with (and even if you don't), I would go into the store and show them your chewed up one, and then I would ask if they had any extra ones lying around, this way they can see you clearly need a replacement one!