Sunglass addicts?

  1. I just bought a pair of Chanel sunnies from a sweet PF member, which inspired me to start this thread. Any sunglass addicts out there? What are your favorites?
  2. Just one. My Gold snake and Crystal Maia's from Roberto Cavalli.

    lol, I don't care if they're from seasons ago, I"ll wear them forever.

    What about everyone else? Do you buy new ones with each season?
  3. My mom is a sunglasses fanatic:smile: She just this past two weeks has bought the black Chanels with mother of pearls CC, same one in tortoise, YSL gold metal frames with YSL white diamond-like stones, and the hottest one she got yesterday are the limited edition BVLGARI black with rhinestones on the sides. Very bling-bling and it cost her 650+tax. Craziness!! I only have one black Chanels and I love them!!
  4. i actually lose a pair of sunglasses every season... so i try to stick with those that are < 100... i've owned coach and kate spade shades most recently and now i'm wearing a fendi one. i wait for Nordstrom to have their semi-annual sales and get a pair every season cuz i always lose them!
  5. yes! I love sunglasses. I mostly buy Chanel, but I also have Gucci, Ferre, Versace and Christian Roth.
  6. chanel sunglasses are my fav but at the rate that i lose them i stick w/ the cheapies :smile:.
  7. I love Chanel sunglasses too, I buy about 3 pairs every summer. I love my new LV's from this season, compared to the Cavalli and Chanel pair that I also bought this season. First time I ever bought LV sunglasses. Love.:love:
  8. i love sunglasses but could hardly find one that fits my "odd shape" head..:nuts:
  9. Im not actually a sunglass addict, but I did just buy a pair of Coach Suzies in black. They are my all time favorite. The crystal butterfly on the side is so adorable!
  10. I love sunglasses too! I just got a pair of Chanels that I love! I also have a pair by Anna Sui, Dolce & Gabanna, and Persol that are great too!
  11. Me = sucker for sunnies ;)
    I have two pairs of Chanels, a Dior, an Armani, a Celine, a Versace, and a ferragamo. Just returned a pari of YSLs though. (I like hiding my face behind big shades... esp. since I look so crappy when I go to school!!! LOL)
  12. I'm a major, major sunglasses collector. I'm addicted. I love sunglasses!
  13. Funny you should mention this now. I was thinking earlier today how I feel as though I am on the slippery slope to addiction to Oliver Peoples. :cool:

    I do love my Chanel and Gucci, but these OP's are another animal entirely. Lenses have advanced technology and frames are made with such attention to detail. Frames are stunning, and I've never seen such crystal clear optics, the sunglasses enhance your view- really amazing. They've been acquired by Oakley - they'd better keep up the quality or I'll show up at their door with a burning torch! :lol: :biggrin: :lol: :biggrin:

    When will I fall in love with something wonderful and inexpensive??? :lol: :biggrin: