sunflower paddy??

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  1. hello everyone! has anyone ever seen the sunflower paddy satchel on sale in NM?i checked the reference thread on colors and didnt find it.
    help will be trying to decide between the tan or the sunflower (and i dont know what sunflower looks like!!:tdown:)
  2. I was trying to lookup the same thing! It is some sort of yellow but I am not sure how bright it is! I wish someone wo has it would reply and post pictures!!
  3. i tried asking the NM guys about it but they say they have no information about the i ordered the tan front pocket instead!;):woohoo:
  4. I believe chloe's official name is Jaune but NM calls it sunflower. Here is my front pocket med paddy in Jaune.

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  5. That is gorgeous!!!!!! :yes:
  6. THANKS LENABEAN! appreciate the info! beautiful bag you have there!
  7. I purchased a sunflower front pocket from NM and it is jeune from 2006. I was hoping for a really pale yellow, but it was much more golden, so I returned mine. Good luck and let us know.
  8. i ordered the front pocket in tan and was really in love with it but NM cancelled, saying that it was my credit card.i called my bank and they informed me that they DID give authorization.of course the tan is GONE i bought the silverado hobo in chocolate instead!i hope its a good choice in place of the tan front pocket which i lost...
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