Sunflower... Marigold?

  1. I bought a bag with missing stud so I need to send it to BalNY to fix, I emailed them the picture and they had different opinion of what color it is. It is yellow with brass hardware, so I don't think it is mustard. I always thought that it was marigold but Daphne told me that it is sunflower. When I asked her when was sunflower made and she couldn't find more information of it. Has anyone heard of sunflower? I looked at atelier naff website and it is not listed there :wtf:
  2. wow, i can't believe there's another yellow color to add to the mix :rolleyes:
  3. Could be one colour with half a million names - Balenciaga seem to specialise in that. ;)
  4. When I spoke with Sarah, she said there were only two yellows that Balenciaga made ("yellow" and "darker yellow). Not sure if she is unable to confirm earlier years, but I specifically asked about a 03 (when there was a tassel issue) and I'm still waiting to see a 03 yellow tag on a first or city. The first was s/s 04 (silver hardware) and the other was f/w 04 (brass hardware) which have been undeniably confirmed, so I'm sure it's the darker yellow/marigold (and maybe it was also called sunflower). It seems like there have been all these different names that they're not familiar with (like ink, deep blue sea(?) and encre are all the same as is fire engine red and Rouge VIF). Maybe they all look at different charts?
  5. I am so confused :nuts: Because I asked for a matching tassel, Daphne told me they don't have sunflower, they only have marigold.... she said my bag looks bright yellow like sunflower, where marigold has a darker tint to it.......
  6. Ok...theory here. Maybe sunflower is s/s 04 because it's a pretty bright yellow (almost neonish at times). I requested a tassel for it, so we'll see if it's out. They accidentally sent me yellow tassels for my anis bag then I passed them on to a girl who had a marigold twiggy and they matched. Unless there was yet another yellow after f/w 04 then I'm sure yours is marigold. What are the number/letters on your inner tag or do you have a pic? This is why it's so important to be accurate on seasons with similar colors in case of repairs and replacements.
  7. The metal tag says "B", that's why I always thought it was marigold :yes:
  8. Yup, that's what it is. I'd just ask for the marigold tassels. Luckily they're in stock.
  9. Thx suferchick :love: