Sunday Tote or Part-time for Sorbet Color

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  1. I love the new Sorbet color, I am debating myself on either a Sunday Tote or part-time from Erica

    I am little hesitant to the Sunday tote style due to there is no zipper on top, but I like the way it wore on shoulder.

    I love city, but since I already have 2 cities, I am thinking about part-time style this time, but I am not sure if part-time will be too wide/long in a size.

    Sorbet is really bright color, do you all think this color will be too much on either Sunday tote or part-time. I am not young anymore :P

    Gosh, need your help to push me to make a decision, or I should just wait for the new season color to get a city instead. I really wish this could be easier.
  2. Hi. I just purchase the Sunday tote (sm/med) from Erica and it turned out great. I find that the hidden magnetic closure keeps everything in place and my stuff stays securely inside. It also fits great over the shoulders though a bit snug with a jacket. I also ordered a part time too but have not received it yet. I will post pics and comments once I get it. You can't go wrong with either one or get both! Good luck.
  3. I have four sundays, and a parttime , but i think the sunday style is better than the parttime, easier to carry over the shoulders, i can find things inside easliy where as with the parttime they never stayed in one place. And Erica's Pink Sorbet Sunday is amazing!!!
  4. My outremer Sunday Med arrived this Monday. I want to say something about the magnetic closure. It is the most strong magnetic closure I have seen. The Sunday tote is constantly close. The best thing about the Sunday is i can place a A4 report in it easily.
    Hope you find what you love.
  5. With all the positive comments on The Sunday........I'd go with that, instead of a PT
  6. Can't wait to see your picture of the Sunday tote and PT
  7. It seems like Sunday tote wins overall. Do you girls think a bright pink will be too much for a large bag like Sunday tote?
  8. I don't think the Sorbet will be too bright on the Sunday Tote!!
  9. You really pull the last plug on me. :yahoo: I am getting the Sunday tote in Sorbet. Ready to order from Erica now. So exciting, never have a such bright color tote before, let's see how I can wear this beauty.
  10. IMO Part Time is dressier than the Sunday Tote. I love them both.
  11. You are right. The Sunday tote is more casual. Both are great bags.:smile:
  12. The Sunday Tote! I can't wait to get one myself!
  13. To the OP, what size of Sunday Tote are you looking at? It comes out Medium and Large. I just realized the Sunday Tote in large size its bottom is pretty deep, about 9". I saw a modeling picture from a tPF. It is huge as a daily bag IMO. You may want to check more modeling pictures before making your purchase. Good luck!
  14. here is a quick pic which I took with my phone. I have the Sunday sits next to the sanguine PT.:biggrin:

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  15. another pic - A4 size report sitting inside the Sunday. I am in love with my new bag.

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