Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. You're right. Thanks! I kept the receipt in case I feel like returning the item.
  2. I also have acne prone skin, but it's combination. My favourite Sunday Riley product is the Artemis oil, I find it works for me when I have a breakout (I only use in the evening). On days when my skin is more dry ilI mix a couple of drops in with my moisturiser. It's one product that I couldn't be without :smile:
  3. Glad it's working! I heard that Artemis is discontinued and now replaced with UFO which is the one I have. I use both moisturizer and the oil together but I think I'm gonna stick to just the oil for now till my breakouts are gone and then switch over to a moisturizer.
  4. For anyone wanting to try the Luna, it is worth noting that Sephora carries two sizes (the regular and a smaller size). I got the smaller size, that way if I don't like it then I didn't waste as much money (the smaller size is only $45).
  5. Ah I didn't know that! Yeh that's what I do too. I just use the oil on its own when I have a breakout. I hope it works for you!
  6. I have only ever tried Luna Night Oil.... my skin reacted to it...might be the flower oils. The colour of the oil is blue and I really hope that is not artificial colouring. I have stopped using it and have moved on to just using pure argan oil for my face, and my skin loves it!
  7. i think Sunday Riley products are hyped. I tried their Good genes and Start over eye cream.

    Start over eye cream did nothing.

    Good genes - yeah Ok, good !

    But overall for the price you pay, i think there are better products out there in the market.
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  8. Quick question about returns. In the U.K. / Europe Once a cosmetic product is opened it cannot be returned, is that not so in other parts of the world?
  9. in the us, yes you can return used cosmetics to some stores. it just gets thrown away iirc.
  10. Not a fan
  11. I've tried the Luna serum and the Good Genes moisturizer (I have acne prone skin). I can't say I saw a difference - but then again, I might not have used the products for a sufficient period of time/consistently enough. Now I've moved on to the UFO serum . It hasn't made my skin worse in any way, so that's promising! :biggrin:

    Still, I don't think I'll be repurchasing any of these.. I don't think it's worth it.