Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. Okay I'll try samples first especially since I do have sensitive skin.
  2. I have been reading about good genes and all the rave reviews about it ..
    so I finally caved in and bought it despite the steep price (in my opinion), I figured if it worked for me, it would be worth the money. since it was so pricey, I was watching to see how long it lasted, I used NOT every single day , but most days. I used about a pump.... before I knew it the bottle was finished !! I did not see anything magical about this .. but wanted to love it .
    The bottle lasted less than 2 months and not everyday use.
    So my question is how long does the bottle last you , and for those that would have an dupe for this product to share, I would love to know.
    thank you.
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  3. I have a Good Genes bottle from the Power Couple duo that has .5 oz of product in it. I've been using it nightly and it's lasted me about a month so far. It's really good at smoothing out my skin and getting rid of any dry patches. I tend to pump out a little less because I want this to last as long as it can before I buy a new one...If you still like Good Genes, but don't want to spend $100+ on it, try the set for $78.
  4. I like this and many of her other products but did not repurchase it. What I think is better is BR Lotion P50. I found out about it from the Skin & Tonics blog. Her am/pm routine had some nice things I ended up trying. It was interesting to learn about the ph and moisturizer barrier of the skin and how products work or harm it.
  5. what is BR lotion ?
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    Biologique Recherche.. it is like an exfoliant toner... comes in various strengths & also one for sensitive skin
    Lotion P50V ( I use this as I have sensitive skin & will say it is a great product)
    It's a French line but in can be purchased here in the US (other products include cleansers,serums, masques,
    moisturizers, etc)
  7. You know I have the same issue with a lot of products that come in pumps. Although it's meant to be a very hygienic way of dispensing product, not at all sure we get that much for our money. I am always looking for less expensive alternatives, let us know if you find anything. I sometimes buy big inexpensive jars of fave cream and use a little spatula thingies to disperse product, so no contamination with bacteria should occur.
  8. I really want to try Juno and Good Genes! I tried Luna before but wasn't too impressed. I've heard great things about Juno though!
  9. Does anyone use Sunday Riley products? Lets all share here!

    I have oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin so I went with the UFO oil and the TIDAL cream today. Love both, the cream had a tingly sensation which was weird but overall both products feel nice. Let's hope they help with my acne.

    What Sunday Riley products do y'all use? I wanna get Good Genes next!
  10. I just starting using the Luna oil. So far it has been fine. I haven't had a bad reaction, but I also haven't noticed any major positive change with my skin either.
  11. I use Luna + Good Genes and haven't noticed any results really.
  12. Sorry to hear you guys haven't seen results yet. It's only been 2 days for me so I still think it is a little too early for me. Maybe the results will show up over a long period of time?
  13. I used up the entire bottle of Luna and Good Genes from Sephora's Power Duo box, and I didn't see any substantive results that warrants the pricey pricetag over the course of 4-5 months. I've actually had better results using the much less expensive Advanced Retinol 2% by the Ordinary and Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil which is also cheaper than Luna!

    The Tidal cream actually broke out, which is a shame since I rather liked the texture.
  14. Oh dear I'm getting anxious now lol
  15. Everyone's skin is different! You might have better luck with the products. If you got your products from Sephora they accept returns as long as the product is half or more full.