Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. Is it a contaminant from something else (other products you own)? Juno doesn't have any glitter/shimmer at all.

  2. That's what I'm trying to figure out as well! I've tried dropping oil on a piece of paper and there's no traces of glitter/shimmer. But I'm seeing specks on my face. I don't own other skincare that has shimmer in it so I'm wondering where that's come from o_o
  3. her ceramic slip cleanser (love it). I then ventured to her Good Genes and the Flora Oil. I was so impressed with the oil that I ended up buying the two other oils and use them according to what I feel my skin needs. I still use my Lotion P50 after cleansing in the am but feel these oils have plumped up my skin and make it look very hydrated and bright. I also do a mask once a week with two pumps of ceramic cleanser and one pump of good genes and leave it on for a half hour. It is really nice versus they heavy mud masks I have used in the past which make your skin feel like it is about to crack.

    Then I ordered her makeup primer in light and use it as makeup mixed with 3 drops of oil in the am. It makes me feel and look like I have a tinted moisturizer on and my skin can breath and does not feel heavy with makeup. If I want more coverage I just add my Sulwhasoo cushion compact.

    I don't think Sunday Riley products get much love because of the essential oils in the three oils but my skin does not react to them so it does really well with oils. I even gave my 17 year old daughter her products to try and she seems to like them and reacts to almost every product out there. She says the oils are better moisturizers for her dry flaky skin than any cream.
  4. Anyone use the Tidal Water Cream?
  5. Bumping this as I came to ask about Tidal Cream too.

    I've been using La Mer for years, but need something lighter for summer. I started using Vintner's Daughter (love!) and sometimes just want a little moisture over it at night, or a light moisturizer to mix with my tinted for day.
  6. I use Vintner's Daughter also & sometimes I put May Lindstom Blue Cocoon
    or my Sisley at night..

    Not loving Sunday Riley unfortunately & not a fan of Tata Harper

  7. Thank you. I did a lot of googling this afternoon, and it turned me off of trying Tidal. I have May Lindstrom Honey Mud, and The Jasmine spray is on the way to me. I'll try to get a sample of Blue Cocoon.
  8. Hope you will like it...a little goes a long way & for me,prefer it in the evening

    It was wonderful using it in the colder months

  9. I got a sample of it and after 3 days trashed it, I didn't like it especially given there are sparkles in it. Also a lot of the formulations of her oils has changed and the people I know that use to use them no longer do because they're not pure as they use too.

    I'm going to get May Lindstom Honey Mud & Problem Solver to try. I hear great things about Problem Solver for those who have skin issues and I want to try the Honey Mud as it's a cleanser and I haven't liked any of the cleansing balms I've tried. So I'm hoping the Honey Mud can be a good alternate to a cleansing balm.
  10. I like it, but I don't love it. I mean, if you gave me an Unmarked bottle with her Luna oil in it and used it for month, I would think it's so-so.

    I feel like the hype and price makes me justify it more...

    Good Genes was good, but I don't know if I saw improvement too. My skin is just so damn stubborn.
  11. Read some of the reviews for the Honey Mud.. It did not work for me as
    a cleanser, hard to remove, but as a masque, it was great...

    The Problem Solver has tumeric in it.. try it on your wrist first to see if your
    skin reacts to it...this also works well mixed in with the honey masque

  12. Okay thanks!
  13. I agree with Hotshot about Honey Mud. I've been using it as a masque, and I love the smell and how decadent it feels, but doubt I will repurchase it when I'm done. The jar will last along time using it as a once a week masque, but as a cleanser I think it will feel really expensive. I'd like to try mixing it with the Problem Solver as a masque, but from what I've read, I suspect Problem Solver is too strong for my skin on it's own.
  14. Yeah I changed my mind about Honey Mud and I'm going to try the Dirt Cleanser instead. I still want the Problem Solver and I'm hoping it won't be too strong and maybe when I first use it, only leave it on for like 2-3 minutes. Then let the time increase the more I use it as I know my skin is not going to tolerate it being on for 30-45 minutes at first use.

  15. Can you possibly get a sample of the honey mud & the clean dirt...

    If you have very sensitive skin as I do, a sample might be the
    way to go to see if you have any reaction.It is a very active product...