Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. Interestingly enough, I don't really like the smell of Luna, even though I like using it. I think SR's stuff is like Tata Harper's - great for your skin but the smell can sometimes be hard to stomach.

    Have you ever had an experience with chemical exfoliants before using Good Genes? GG is strong stuff - people usually have to ramp up to it.

  2. It was fine the first couple times. Then it started to burn and itch my face. I like the glow it gave but couldn't deal with the discomfort. I now use P50 and Zelens resurface pad and they seems to work fine.
  3. Yeah, in that case, you can't use Good Genes everyday. I usually keep it to nighttime and then every other (or every three) days. In the off-days, I go in with a much gentler exfoliant or none at all.

    The burning/itching means you overdid it. Its good to have some tingle, but burning is bad.
  4. Sunday Riley recently slashed prices. The Bionic moisturiser went from being $225 to $125, and the Juno oil's price has been slashed from $125 to $90, and Artemis is down from $125 to $75. While still expensive, I have to applaud this bran for taking the unprecedented step of cutting down prices significantly - while I'd have NEVER spent $200+ for a moisturiser, $125 is something I can justify, especially with a 15 or 20% off coupon.
  5. I am the complete opposite! I hate it when brands slash prices cuz it makes me feel like the items weren't worth the money in the first place...ARGHH. Thankfully I only use Good Genes and Luna, and I think those prices are still the same.

    I use Good Genes every single day, morning and night, and I have very sensitive skin. It is incredibly potent...The thing is, I only use the slightest amount (quarter of a pump), and press it into my skin after warming it up on my fingers. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin's texture and the hyperpigmentation from back when I had hormonal acne...I notice that when I use too much Good Genes, my skin gets sensitive to the touch, so I just use a teensy bit. I'm also a huge fan of Luna...I used to hate the smell, but it really has grown on me. I only use 1-2 drops every night, warm it on my hands, and press it into my face and neck area. Sunday Riley is so potent that too much is too harsh, but a little bit goes a long way and does a great job from my experience. Hopefully this helps people who have sensitive skin like I do!
  6. Thanks tearex!
  7. I like it! I use it at night (obvi) after cleansing and P50. I'll do a thin layer of Luna, then Good Genes, then La Mer. I alternate that routine with prescription retinol/hydroquinone/La Mer. I've done a total 180 on Good Genes - I mix it with Ceramic Slip as a mask. Instant glow!

    Interesting! That is unusual, isn't it. Thanks for posting!
  8. Hello all!

    So I really want to try out the Sunday Riley Luna oil, but also was very interested in the Drunken Elephant glycolic serum. Would I be able to use these together? Or if maybe not together on the same night, switch off nights? Or could the glycolic serum be used in the morning and then the Luna oil at night? The oil is more retinol based I believe whereas the serum is glycolic.... Not sure how those things would work together! Sorry for all the questions but any help would be very much appreciated! Here's the links if anyone would like to check out the ingredients!
  9. If I were you I would rotate them and only use them during the night.
  10. First advice: do NOT use them together if you've never used either before. Always introduce new products into your regimen one at a time - meaning, for several weeks, only introduce one thing at a time. That's important, in case you end up with a reaction. You need to know what caused it.

    The Drunk Elephant serum is a 12% glycolic acid which is fairly strong. If you've never done a glycolic peel of any type (cream or serum or other treatment) then you may need to ease into this. I would NOT do this and anything like retinol at the same time - it's not necessary and you could be really aggravating your skin. IME the glycolic acid treatments tend to be much more effective more quickly than any OTC retinol product (Rx retinol is different) but it really depends on your skin and your age and what you've done in the past.

    Also for anyone else, those links didn't work so here's the Sephora pages that I was able to find - hopefully these ones don't break too:

    Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

    Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

    Why are you interested in doing both at once? Is it just because you want to try both products? The Sunday Riley one looks a lot milder to me. You could start there and then switch to the glycolic one later if you feel you need something more powerful. I'd be nervous about doing too much at once. It can be very painful (and also not pretty!) if your skin freaks out. :smile:
  11. I agree with some points and I would 1. Never use the products on the same night, 2. Only use them during the night !!
    Devik is right about the fact that your skin needs to adjust but you can rotate..
    It is all about your skintype. For example: I use the p50 toner which contains acids and it is no problem to combine it with my prescription retin a which is alot stronger compared to the Luna oil.

    But in your case start with one product, check if your skin loves it and later on you can always decide to rotate but remember retinoids snd glycolic in skincare are not extremely strong.

    If your skin issues are big try peelings etc at a professional
    But it can irritate your skin when you don't use it properly!

  12. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. I hope you wouldn't mind if I asked you some more questions as it sounds like you know what you are talking about! I'm just very interested in both of these products and thought that they both had great properties to them, not to mention a lot of good reviews! I ordered both of them at the same time, so I'm wondering if I should return one while I start using just one of them first…?

    I definitely won't use them together like you said, but am curious and unsure of which one I should start off with. I have never used anything with glycolic acid or retinol. I would say my skin tolerates things fairly well and isn't particularly sensitive to things.

    As it stands this is what my skincare routine is. I like all these products so don't want to have to change any unless necessary.

    face scrub- soap &glory scrub your nose in it
    face wash-first aid beauty face cleanser
    oil-100% pure rose hip oil
    acne treatment-la roche posay effaclar duo acne treatment
    moisturizer- philosophy oil free salicylic acid moisturizer

    So where would the serum and the oil fit into my regime? And which one would you suggest I start with first? Everyday use it at night or how many times a week?

    SO sorry for so many questions but you are right, these things can make skin freak out and I don't want to ruin my face by doing too much at once!!

  13. Hey xjsbellamias13 - so I dug into these products a bit more (on Sephora's REGULAR site since the stupid links kept breaking! grrr why can't companies get their websites to work better??) and I'm actually not at all impressed with the Sunday Riley product. I'm no expert in reading labels but I do my best :smile: and from what I can tell, there's only ONE ingredient in the list that is a retinoid - Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate. I found that ingredient discussed on Paula's website as the key ingredient in a philosophy product:

    Basically what the analysis there says is, this is supposedly a retinoid that won't cause irritation, but it's not been studied enough yet. The overall tone I get from the analysis is, they're skeptical.

    Almost everything else listed in the Sunday Riley Luna Oil is some form of oil or another, the main ingredient being avocado oil. These oils look mostly good to me (they're primarily antioxidants) though a fews may be irritating to some (blood orange, for example). Basically it just sounds like a very expensive combo of organic "essential oils." So I don't think this oil is all that special, particularly not given the price (!!!) though I also now doubt that it's going to cause you much problems if you try to alternate it with the AHA (the glycolic acid one).

    However did you realize that you're already using a mild retinoid now, with the rosehip oil?

    And that you've already got some AHA going with the salicylic acid treatments? So you ARE using similar products! ;)

    IME, glycolic acid is much more dramatic in results compared to salicylic acid so I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't bother with them. Just pointing out that you've already got some going in your regimen!

    But to your real question which is, I think, can you use an AHA (exfoliant, aka "acid peel") with a retinol (antioxidant)?

    The answer to that is YES they can be used together but the reason I was so adamant in my cautions is because BOTH of them are known to cause irritation and reactions in people, and everyone's skin is different. They are both different chemicals though - AHAs are exfoliants (they dissolve away the surface layer of the skin) while retinoids are antioxidants that stimulate cell turnover. The end result is similar but the way they work on the skin is very different.

    Standard advice I've seen is only use an AHA product once or twice a week; you probably don't need it every night (definitely not every night at first, you should ease into it when you start, with every other day applications at most - many people feel a tingling that can even be painful, so you'll know if you're overdoing it!!!). I'd also be careful of having a chemical exfoliator like this in addition to the La Roche Posay which I believe has a physical exfoliator and you're also doing the face scrub thing. My own opinion is that face scrubs do a lot of damage (same with foaming cleansers) but other people love them. My understanding is when you use a PHYSICAL exfoliator like those scrubs, you're putting little microtears into the skin and each time they heal they build up thicker and rougher. I avoid them, myself, but again different people have very different opinions.

    Nighttime is best for AHAs; you can put retinoids on in the morning (they go nicely with a Vitamin C serum - personally Vit C is the most important part of my skincare routine - after SPF of course!) and speaking of SPF, it's a MUST! You didn't mention any sunscreen, you HAVE TO ADD IT INTO YOUR EVERYDAY ROUTINE! Please! Minimum SPF 30. You MUST use sunscreen when using ANY retinol or AHA - it's mandatory since you're sloughing off the top layer of skin with these types of products (but you really should be using SPF every single day anyway since it's the best way to prevent wrinkles in the first place).

    Wow I guess I had a lot to say about that!! :P Hopefully it helped answer your questions??

    Oh yeah - the sites that I use most are the product analysis pages on Paula's Choice (though I don't take everything written there as gospel), and also this great blogger from the UK, Clemmie's Big Sister Plus lots and lots of reading an experimentation. I got turned on to the gospel of Vitamin C serum and learned so much about how to care for my skin by a book called The Skin Type Solution which is ah-maz-ing - unfortunately you really need to go through her entire self-assessment skin quiz in order to get any value from her coding system though (her website has been undergoing many renovations and I don't think the quiz is available there yet? )

    Anyway... I'll shut up now... If it were me, I'd return the Sunday Riley since I think it's overhyped and overpriced for what it is, but you're likely to see results with the Drunk Elephant, just go slow with it at first!!

    And also: cool to you for picking mostly cruelty free brands! whether you did it intentionally or not, it's something that I respect. :smile:
  14. So much great info, thank you!!

    So I actually work from home and don't go out in the sun during the day. I wash my face and do all those above products once in the morning and do not do it all again at night. If I am just using those products at night, would you recommend doing all my steps over again in addition to the new product? Or should i just apply the new product directly onto my face at bed? Or maybe just cleanse, new item, and moisturize? Lol sorry for the questions again ;p I just received the products in the mail!
  15. Hi everyone!
    I've been using Juno for awhile now, and whilst I love the product itself, there's something that's been bugging me. I much prefer skincare without any glitter/pearlescent (i noted some creams often have these for dark circle lightening/glowing skin effect), part of the reason why I chose Juno is because from the ingredients list it seems to be all natural oil no additives. However I do notice little specks of glitter or glittery particles on my skin after I use it. So, does anyone have the same discovery or am I just being overly suspicious?
    Thanks heaps!