Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. I read about Sunday Riley skincare in a blog and it seems as if some products are just amazing.

    If there is anyone here using skincare products from Sunday Riley, I'd love to know what products you are using and what you think of this brand. Thanks in advance for your help :flowers:
  2. About 8 months ago, I also read about Sunday Riley in a wall street journal article. Her skincare sounded amazing so I splurged and bought the juno face oil, the good genes serum, the start over eye cream and the ceramic slip cleanser. Honestly, the products were VERY expensive and I was NOT impressed at all. I ended up returning all of them except the eye cream, and didn't repurchase the eye cream when I ran out.
  3. I tried her good genes serum from a sample and absolutely hated it. I thought my face was going to melt away from the burn.
  4. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Oh sad, I'm in the minority. I have the skin adrenaline - love it for daytime in cooler weather. The ceramic slip cleanser is nice but nothing special. I love love love the sunscreen, but it's so godawful expensive. Juno is also nice when you're really dry or in need of a little glow. It certainly does not smell good. The only product I am not a big fan of is good genes.
  6. Thanks for your reply schadenfreude!

    Good genes is one of the products that especially caught my interest. May I ask what it is you don't like with this product?

    Unfortunately Sunday Riley isn't sold where I live but I will try to see if I can get hold of some samples.
  7. I think her line is overpriced. The eye cream made my eyes sting and tear up so bad.
  8. GG does burn/tingle, but that doesn't bother me (no pain/no gain). If you have sensitive skin I would definitely avoid it. To be fair, I've never used it as a day serum. I've tried it as a treatment/mask, but didn't see that my skin looked noticeably better after. I've tried it as a night treatment, but it just lays there and if I try to put something more moisturizing on top it just sits there and doesn't absorb, if that makes sense. Maybe I will try it as a day serum this week and see if my opinion changes.

    There's always tons of samples on eBay, so you can pick some up for just a few bucks if you want to try it.
  9. Thanks for your replies i*bella and schadenfreude!

    I am now waiting for some samples:smile:
  10. The samples arrived some days ago and then I realized that I could order a "Ceramic Slip Discovery Kit" which I did. The kit arrived today and it contains Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Good Genes, Start Over eye cream and Artemis oil. Even though I have tried the products for some days already (and so far so good!) I think it is better to test the products for a little bit longer time which I will be able to do now.

  11. ita!
  12. I also had the same experience! It made my eyes water so much I had to wipe it off. Fortunately I was able to try a sample - If I had bought it it would have been a waste.
  13. Anyone have any reviews on the Luna Sleeping Night Oil for acne prone skin?
  14. Good genes makes my face burn. The Juno oil smells funky just like the rest of her oils, except for Luna. It actually smells good.
  15. I think it would be hard to figure out if it will cause you to break out or not without actually trying it. There's so many ingredients in it and any of them could be an acne trigger for you. No product is ever really guaranteed to not break you out.

    It does contain retinol in it which helps with skin turnover, but could cause you to break out in the short term while your skin adjusts.

    Overall, I quite like it.