Sunday Riley Skin care?

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  1. Anyone using this? I would love feedback.
    Are there any discount codes for it?
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    Have done quite a bit of research about Sunday Riley skin care, and the line looks really interesting. Has anyone out there tried it or heard anything about it? Thanks!
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  4. I searched the forum and found some of you are using sunday riley products. Would you please post results and with which product? Can't find very much about it. Thanks!
  5. I've been using her products for a few months now. Love Juno, love how it feels on my skin. Not fond of the smell, though. I love Good Genes a ton. Really like Skin Adrenaline and Bionic too. Can take or leave the eye cream. Not overly impressed.

    HATE the cleanser, the body lotion, the sunscreen, and the serums. The serums make me feel like I bought snake oil. I cant tell that they make one bit of difference.

    But I really do notice a huge improvement in my skin's color, texture, and tone, plus I get more compliments on my skin with using the four products I like most.

    One caveat is that there are times when it feels like the products get absorbed right in, while other times it can feel like they're sitting on top of my skin. And Juno smells like oil and thyme. I won't put it on during the day, because I smell like salad dressing all day if I do. The results for me are well worth putting up with the smell if I use it in the evening. I mix it with Skin Adrenaline to cut the scent.

    Barneys was very generous with samples when I was trying out the line, so maybe ask for some?
  6. I just got samples from Barneys and have been using them for a few days. So far I have used the eye cream, juno, bionic, and cashmere. I LOVE Juno. I actually didn't notice any odd smell at all like the previous poster. I think it's still too early to tell how the products will affect my skin long term, but even just this morning I was loving the softness and radiance of my skin. I also have samples of skin adrenaline and good genes - I will report more when I use them!
  7. Just noticed this thread. I love this line. Agree that Juno smells like salad dressing but maybe I'm just used to it now. I use Juno, Bionic, the Ceramic Slip cleanser, and Good Genes. And I bought the number one serum in a moment of weakness and although at first I thought it was a total waste, am starting to like it more. Not sure I'd repurchase that one, though. Have only tried the rest of the line in samples, though. But I'm on my second bottle of some of the items and really love how it's made my skin look - and it's hypersensitive and with this, no reactions at all. That's worth a lot to me.
  8. What improvements have you noticed? I'm looking for firmness, and some help with hyperpigmentation. Thanks!
  9. I don't known if it can help with hyper pigmentation but my skin tone is very even, skin feels great and the lines are softer, though regular application of any moisturizers may accomplish that. My biggest concern is always will it irritate my skin or cause redness and this doesn't. I worried that the Juno oil might cause breakouts but nope. There're good about giving samples so if you can get some to try, consider that.
  10. went to Barney's after reading about this line.. was not impressed at all..
  11. I use it every day. Have for 6-8 months now, and I AM really impressed by and large, although seems almost too obvious to need to state that clearly no one line will work for everyone. Supposedly Serum 2 is recommended for hyperpigmentation. I tried Serums 1 and 2. I wish I'd dug a hole in my backyard and buried the cash, since it would have been as effective as the serums and I'd still have my money.

    Honestly, if your biggest issue is hyperpigmentation, I'd use a different line for that.
  12. I've been hearing a lot about this brand, and am plotting a trip to Barneys this weekend.

    Any fans of her line?

  13. I've been reading so much about Sunday Riley and wanting to try this line. Unfortunately, I live in Baltimore and Sunday Riley has been carried only in Barneys and just recently in Bergdorfs. Luckily, I'm in New York this week and went to Bergdorfs to try Sunday Riley and am I amazed. I left with my skin glowing and was stopped by two people who complimented me on my skin. I was very favorably impressed with my SA, Stacy, who didn't do any hard sell with me but really worked with me to find products that would work with me and that I would actually use. I explained that I have a disabled child and am up each day at 5 and put in a full day of work and am not home until 8. My skin is also still, at 56, on the oily side, so I didn't want products that would leave me with an oily shine after a coupld of hours. It's been twelve hours and my skin still looks as good as it did when I left the store. I find it is more of a skincare line than cosmetics but that being said the eyeshadows, lipstick, blush that Stacy selected for me were beautiful. Since Bergdorfs is having its Beauty Event later in April (starting April 22), I did a presale and won't get my products til later this month but am very excited and will update :smile:
  14. Bergdorf's carries Sunday Riley now? Good to know, I thought her line was only at Barneys :smile:

    Glad the stuff worked for you. I have since tried the Skin Adrenaline and Good Genes and liked them a lot. I also tried her primer/foundation, which left me incredibly oily.

  15. Update: Been using Start Over eye cream, Bionic moisturizer and Skin Adrenaline along with Good Genes for six weeks now and my skin has never looked better. I continue to get compliments on how good my skin looks and I am so pleased and hooked on Sunday Riley. My real coup is that for the first time in 20 years, I went to work yesterday without putting on foundation! Used my Start Over and Bionic then used Shiseido sunscreen and brushed on Meteorites and was good to go.