Sunday Owners

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  1. How many of you have recently bought a Sunday?
    How do you like the bag?
    I have recently seen this model and I am so sad I didn't earlier as I would have bought one.
    I cannot see it on Europe either.
    Pics would be much appreciated.

  2. Hi Cat - I bought a small Sunday last year. Absolutely love it. It is very easy to find my stuff inside comparing to Day which I also adore. It is very hard to find even at the stores. I have recently inquired a couple of stores too. Which color are you looking for?
  3. I've seen it on (though not sure if they only ship to the US):

    It is a lovely style that I've been eyeing on and off since last year (though the one in the link above seems to be a newer version of it).
  4. I saw them too on the US I was informed there are plenty of colors in Europe but you have to order of course and I am about to order a City RH in Gris Glace so I cannot take both. I might leave it for a little later as the GG bag was the last one in Europe. I am glad it is a useful bag as I do like the way it looks but haven't seen it IRL. It is definitely going to be my next bag.
  5. Hi Lara!
    Forgot to ask, what color did you get it in and does the small size hold a lot? Could you tell me which bag it compares with, the City, the Velo? How about its dimensions.
    And one last thing, how much does this bag cost, I didn't ask Sebastien.
  6. Mine is in Cassis. It holds a lot. I do not have a City, so I cannot compare. Capacity wise, I think it holds more than a Velo.

    I checked with Sebastien at Bal Cannes. He said it is 1045 Euros.
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398265769.743782.jpg
  8. Amazing colors both of them (have them both but on different models).
    I wish I had seen the Sunday model earlier. I would definitely have bought it.