sunday night fun...

  1. was cleaning out the closet and decided to take a "family foto" (sans the petrol spy which should be on its way and the keepall which is at work) kinda of scary! hahahaa :biggrin: would love to see every one's collections!!!
  2. Love your collection!
  3. I think (don't remember if I've seen it prior :P ) this is the first time I've seen the all black B bag. I like it. I've seen more of the contrast black on white than anything else.

  4. [​IMG]....beautiful collection!...can't wait to see the Petrol!

  5. Wow!! :love::love::love: Love the black B Fendi and your Spy. What a knockout collection!
  6. totally love the black fendi.....very cute.
  7. Love your Fendi B bag, Wow!!!!ADORE hologram spy!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. :heart: :heart: thanks ladies!!! as i said beore i would LOve to see everyone else's colections as well! heheeee :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Lovely collection, squsihy! Would love to see pics of the petrol when she comes and the keepall!
  10. I LOVE your bags! I'm especially liking your spy. I think that there is a whole sub-forum of bag collections. Just look in the main menu -- tons of cool collections there.
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