Sunday Morning Quickie Reveal

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  1. Super quick reveal this Sunday

  2. Looking forward to it! :smile:
  3. :nuts: :yahoo::wlae: :tup: :graucho:
  4. woman, you surprised me! I was sitting here near my laptop and your thread went up the first page of the subforum when I refreshed! haha

    what did you get?
  5. Yay! I finally get to see one of your great reveals LIVE!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. :woohoo:
  7. WHOA:nuts:..a LIVE one..YEAH!! Hang on, Im getting my coffee!!

  8. I absolutely love Vibrato pieces. It is such a shame that H discontinued them! I got this lovely piece from a fabulous tpfer :heart:

    Vibrato Jige - love the colors on this one!


  9. Oh I'm excited O that is yummy, I love it, discontinued, that is depressing. I love it.

    Wear in the best of health and happiness
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Good thing I sleep really late. I get to see all your reveals from the other side of the planet. :yes: :P
  12. Fantastic & Rare & Unique :heart:

    BRAVO !!!
  13. oooh, what's in that big bag?
  14. that is really lovely - enjoy!
  15. I love my Orange JPG so much that I decided that I needed to get her a friend :P Another discontinued piece - why do I love everything they quit making? lol!

    Black Clemence JPG Birkin with Gold Hardware