Sunday is our Meet at King of Prussia--what bag will make my collection complete?


I left my heart in Sicily.
Dec 20, 2006
The bag I am looking for must be an "every day" bag, capacity of about a Speedy 30--give or take some room, and not be too similar to what I already have. My LV collection (below in my auto signature) is currently comprised of:
  • Vernis Roxbury Drive - Amarante
  • Mahina L - Biscuit
  • Suhali Lockit PM - White
  • Epi Alma - Black
  • MC Pochette - Black
  • Damier Belem MM
  • Damier Neverfull MM
  • Mono Viva Cite GM
  • Mono Mini Ellipse
  • Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal - Gold
  • Mirage Speedy - Black
  • Graffiti Pochette - Peach
  • Fendi Spy - Metallic Lurex
  • Marc Airliner Clutch - Taupe
Considering the following (below), but open to your suggestions after you review my current collection and give it some thought.
  • Judy MM (but the clanking of the chain strap might irritate me)
  • Claudia (does it have enough umph?)
  • Bellevue
  • Summit Drive
  • Stresa (I like easy access and the zipper and the clip closure might be too difficult to get in and out of?)
  • L'Essentiel (maybe too small...have not seen any photos of this one)


Nov 25, 2007
I would and wish I could go. I would wear my Courtney so you would recognize me. But my mother is visiting from California and that is the only day she has available to spend with our family. Please let me know when you do the next one.


I left my heart in Sicily.
Dec 20, 2006
iamaspoiledwife, yes, you will help me decide and if I am not in LOVE with anything...I will go home empty handed! Hope that is not the case!

ellies, I do like the Bellevue...I could use a nice big piece of Vernis!

basicand, I am really thinking I need a White MC bag too! I had the Aurelia and sold it...and last meet I was trying on Judy PM in White!

I am thinking Neverfull PM in Azur for the Summer!