Sunday in Madison Ave. Store

  1. So I finally went to see where my Birkin 40 was from and enjoyed every minute of it. I saw tons of Kellys and Lindys and Evelyns. I ended up getting the Pegasus padlock and saw the newer one with it on the carousel but it seemed too bulky.
  2. I'm jetlagged...I meant Saturday!!!!!!!!
  3. What fun!
  4. Uh, I was gonna say. It isn't Thanksgiving yet.:confused1:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.
  5. I was there on Saturday, too! It was about noon and I was with a friend who had her Maltese with her. You didn't happen to be there then did you?
  6. I was there on Sat. at around 1:45...
  7. I'm thinking I was there around 3:30.....I wasn't paying attention to all the people around me I was so excited to just be there and take it all in....and of course by a present for my Birkin :blush:
  8. I mean buy......I need sleep, sorry.
  9. i was there around 11-12.
  10. They should have a tPF sign-in book at the entrance!!
  11. is the 40 your orange one? it is so pretty!
  12. I was feeling the vibe that maybe some of you might be there too!
  13. Thank you Haute!
  14. I really wanted a Wall Street scarf but was too hot and lazy to go down there.
  15. I was there too! Somebody was looking at a small gold birkin and a fuschia (I think) whitebus, and something else I couldnt remember. I was looking the rose dragee lindy, just for the heck of it. I am not a pink person.