Sunday afternoon reveal anyone??

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  1. This beauty arrived earlier in the week but I've only just managed to photograph.......... What could it be??
    MT 1.jpg
  2. That's not very much to go on so here's another photo, any ideas??
    MT 2.jpg
  3. ooo yes another bag ;)
  4. I'm here. It's tall so BAYSWATER or delray. Petrol blue? X
  5. Is it a bays or a bays satchel?....
  6. I think Del Rey too!
  7. Ooh - a reveal :woohoo: useless at guessing, but something in black forest or petrol?
  8. Nobody right so far so here's a big clue now........:graucho:
    MT 3.jpg
  9. ooh I dont know! reveal it!
  10. Alexa?!
    sorry i am terrible at guessing reveals!
  11. CP you have NO patience!! Just like me
  12. :biggrin::P:lol:
    very true!!!

  13. Bigger clue!!
    MT 5.jpg
  14. definitely something, Red Onion (I think! ha!). but I have no idea either!! Reveal, reveal!!
  15. :O im jelous mitzy tote