Sunday afternoon insta-Reveal! Too good to be true!


Coach Obscessed!
Jul 13, 2008
I went to the outlet today looking for a cosmetic case and a smaller wallet and came out with some goodies!:yahoo: First I found a patchwork pink/purple logo small wallet to match my large wallet and mini skinny. I also got a coated canvas cosmetic pouch. Well, I took them out to the car, ran to Target, and I just wasn't feeling them! Well am I ever so gladI went back! I walked right up to the clearance table to find these two gorgeous goodies! The manager said she had just put one of them out. Well, without further adieu....



The gorgeous pink Madison wallet! On clearance no less! Here she is with some stuff inside:

And here is a little something I got to keep my sunnies in:

And finally, I'm not sure I'm going to keep this last one. She is beautiful, it was the tattersall lining that got me! And she has a removable strap! Presenting the ergo capacity wristlet:


That's it! I'm happy about my buys, just not sure if I should keep the ergo. I wanted to use it for a cosmetic case, but it's a little big. It's so nice though!:cloud9: