Sundance II Uggs SCRAPING at my heel - advice?

  1. I've had 6 pairs of classic short and have loved em all - I decided to venture out with a pair of chestnut sundance II's - and I think they are SO hot - but when I walk they scrape the back of my heel!!! Any advice? They are so cute! :crybaby:
  2. this happened to me when i first got mine... i never wore socks with my other uggs, but the heel on this particular style is harder and more sculpted than my others. wear some thick-ish socks with them and you'll be fine.
  3. I have been wearing socks and they're still scraping :sad:. Maybe I should wear 2 pairs? This sucks :crybaby:
  4. Happened to me twice. Each season when I start to wear them again, it happens. This past winter I wore them with thicker socks, and a bandaid because it made me bleed! I haven't worn them in a few weeks so I know next time I go to wear them, they'll be hurting. How about trying the adhesive moleskin they sell in the grocery store? You can stick it on your heel and that may help.
  5. I have a pair of these and have never had any problems. I made sure not to buy them tight. A tight shoe can be a nightmare. Maybe you can wear them with ankle socks, use dr. scholls padded inserts, or ask a cobbler? My sister who has bigger legs but smaller feet can't wear uggs in her normal size because they are just too tight around the ankle and calf.... always go up a size when in doubt and just wear thicker socks. :smile:
  6. ^^ i was just about to say the opposite. i had this EXACT same issue with my ultra talls, and it was obvious to me that they were just slightly too big for me, so my feet would slide into the front while i was walking, leaving space in the back (and the heel is quite hard on these too imo) for the heel to scrape me every time i lifted my foot up while walking. That was my normal size. I ended up going one size down, and when it fit my feet like a glove, i had zero scraping issues.
  7. Well, I have 8 pairs of uggs total. I recently lost alot of weight (140 pounds) and a shoe size. 6 pairs of my uggs are size 6, and my last 2 pairs - the sundance II's and a pair of olive classic shorts, are in a size 5. The size 6 uggs are pretty big now - so I wear socks with them - but they don't scrape my heel. My size 5 classic shorts fit the best and nice and snug, but the sundance kinda slip off my heel when I walk - which is where our problem lays. I have tiny, tiny feet and even smaller heels - and I think this type of ugg just happens to be set a little bigger in the back, allowing for my heel to slip up and down. I'm hoping with time this will stop - I already tried buying those big bandaids and putting them on the heel area, THEN a sock - but it was so damn uncomfortable. I love these uggs - but they are such a PITA - but so damn cute :sad:. Arg.
  8. I had the same thing with the sundance, i sold them and i stick with the classics now. I felt they were heavy its to bad becouse they are so cute