Sundae Best

  1. Something different




    ( kind of scary )

    The Chesterton
    kind of cute

    Sundae Best
  2. LOL the Tinkerbell purse
  3. I really like the black peacemaker, but not the other two purses. And the tinkerbell...the Xs for eyes are interesting. Lol.
  4. Good idea to have a fist weapon as handle and named it the peacemaker. Good thought, but not necessary what a woman like to carry.
  5. Very interesting...they seem to be more couture handbags. The tinkerbell made me think of Paris Hilton, lol!
  6. :roflmfao:
    :roflmfao: What is that all about:lol:
  7. 1. The peace-maker bag looks like its about to attack me
    2. Tinkerbell looks dead
    3. The other bag doesn't look in portion.
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