SUNBURN REMEDIES...LOL..yep..I am looking like a freakin LOBSTER...

  1. Anyone have any ideas beside Aloe...I got a wicked burn down the entire front of me...Didnt realize I didnt have enough sun screen on!!.......NOW I KNOW...LOL!...Cant is on fire....ANY IDEAS?????:cry: I put eucerin moisterizer on..Have alot of allergies.So I am limited to things.......Took Tylenol(allergic to motrin...)...argh...LOL!
  2. keep going with the aloe vera! :yes: that stuff's amazing!
  3. Aloe Vera works the best, and helps cool the skin. Hope it heals fast!
  4. Forget Tylenol, you need an NSAID, non steroidal anti inflamatory. If you don't have any around Asprin will be best, normal adult dose, every 6 hours as tolerated.
  5. PS you will get my lecture on sunburn and skin cancer later..bad girl!!:smile:
  6. ^^LOL! me..I have learned....
  7. If you can get your hands on an aloe leaf get it and peel the outter skin off. The inside will be slimey and gooey, but rub it all over and leave on for an hour or so. Afterwards, wash with cold water. It should get the red down and the burning to stop.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Ooooh, I am hurting for you! I have burned my whole life.

    Keep your skin as moist and hydrated as possible. A thick and rich lotion that soaks into your skin and locks the moisture in is best. Drink lots of water too.

    Noxema also works for an immediate cooling feeling.

    Good luck!!!:yes:
  9. ^thanks..I actually have an aloe plant in the house...go figure..I just remembered I had it!!LOL!
  10. My advice is the kind that you will read and be like 'WTF that is no help'.. so here it goes...

    Time and aloe. It is gonna hurt like hell, it will hurt to sleep, shower, put on clothes, touch anything. And then in a few days it will stop. But then.... it will peel. Growing up in Florida I went through that cycle one too many times. Just being honest :angel:

    But I really do hope you feel better soon!!!
  11. the absolute, 100% best thing you can do is get aloe straight off the plant and slather it on yourself. like someone above said, cut a big leaf open and rub the goop inside all over you. beats aloe lotion by about a million. you should see and feel a big difference overnight.
  12. i'm not too sure if you have this in the States... but something called: Solarcaine - its like a spray... i'm not too sure whats in it (the main ingredient)...but its suppose to numb the sunburn. slip slop slap next time you go into the sun, Jill

    i just did a google... and theres a gel... but its just Aloe!!! BUT there is a SPRAY and it works wonders.... i think the company that make it are DermaTech Labs...
  13. As someone who's suffered a 3rd degree sunburn before (OUCH!) here's my tips:

    - cold water baths
    - drink lots of water
    - eat tons of protein (helps replish lost cells)
    - use an oatmeal compress (strain oatmeal into a cup, use water from oatmeal strain)
    - elevate!! legs/arms etc...
  14. Oh wow, that aloe leaf things sounds reallllly soothing! I dont have a sun burn but I can already feel the cooling of sun burnt skin!
  15. Solarcaine works wonders. It's a cooling, pain relieving gel with Lidocaine HCl and instant pain relief. I just applied it on boyfriend who is very sunburned as well.