Sunburn reaction? HELP!

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  1. I normally tan very easily but I always wear sunblock to protect my skin from the sun. Well a couple of months back I went to the beach and I think the sunblock I used was to old and I burnt anyway (We were at the beach all day though too) anyway my upper arms and face ended up pealing, I have since healed and am back to my pale self now except I have these big white spots on my upper arms (where the skin that pealed pealed off) I have exfoliated it and everything but it wont go away, It was where I pealed. You know how when you peal really bad the skin underneath is very white, Well now that part hasnt tanned at all and my arms look really funny. Anybody know what this is? Is it bad? Can i fix it? :confused1:
  2. It's called scarring. Other than trying something like Mederma, I can't help you. I have the same thing on my arms from when I went on my honeymoon in Jamaica. Try going to a dermatologist and seeing if they can help.
  3. have you gotten rid of yours? have you tried mederma? :sad:
  4. I have the same thing on the tops of my shoulders and a tanning bed I use to go to has a cream fro white spots that dont tan. Iv never used it b/c it's prolly a waste of $! If you find a solution let me no!