Sunbeds....Yes or No???


Sunbeds, Yes or no???

  1. Yes I often top up my tan on a sunbed

  2. No I would never use these!!

  3. I've never thought about them as an option, im naturally tanned!

  4. I'd like to know more about the subject

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  1. So i live in the UK and i am so pale. Over the past weekend i caught the sun a little and ive turned a beautiful golden brown colour. Its just light enough to compliment my hair colour and gives me a lovely healthy glow :smile:

    I really want to keep hold of this beautiful colour but im just not sure. Ive used tinted body cream that has a slighty hint of self tan in them, but they stink and look awful because they dont make anything light enough for my skin!!! its insane!!

    So ive figured my options are getting a spray tan, laying in the sun as much as i can or hopping onto a sunbed. But each one has its woes.

    1. Spray Tan - To begin with there are no places near where i live that offer this, you know, where you walk into the booth and it sprays you automatically??? I dont fancy a beautician looking at my REALLY white bits if you get what im saying :graucho:

    2. Natural Sunlight - I dont have the time to sit in the sun allday as i have to work! I dont get much opportunity at the weekend either so i think this is a deffinate no. *shrug*

    3. Sunbed - This option seems very quick and easy, loads of places close by that do it. Its cheap (i think). My only worry is the whole skin cancer thing that is plasterd all over the pages of google when i tried to do some research! It is a very serious condition to have as the result of vanity.

    If anybody can give me any advice i would so grateful!! Has anybody out there tried any of these options and had sucess???? I would be very interested to know everybodys opinions as i really cant make this decision without knowing all of the facts!

    Thank you everybody!!!!
  2. two words: skin cancer. my friend's father died from melanoma. the sun does so much damage to the skin that's unseen with the naked eye. it's safer to tan with sunless tanning products and bronzers, in my opinion.
  3. My advice?! Embrace your paleness! or stick with a sunless tanner. Shop around, I'm sure you'll find one you like.

    You should be concerned about skin cancer, as everyone should. The tanning beds are just as bad, if not worse, for you than baking in the direct sun. Trust me, smooth glowing pale skin looks much better than tan, wrinkled rough skin. Even though you are young & don't worry about it now, sun exposure will catch up with you later in life. I'm 34 & fair skinned~ & worse, just moved to Florida. I don't leave the house without 50 spf & when I take my kids to the beach, I'm under the umbrella looking at a magazine~ However, I've been pretty proactive about avoiding the sun since my late 20's.
    OK, mom speech over! ;)
  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fake tan is the only tan.
  5. I voted no 'cause I'm against any kind of tanning hehe. I like the natural/pale look much better.. but to each his own!
  6. I will go out on a limb here and be honest. I live in Florida and Im in the sun constantly. It is has aged me more wuckly for sure. I get photo facials, peels, botox, restleyne and I do all of that becuase of sun damage. I use sunscreen but I do lay in the sun and if I feel pale I hit the sun bed occasionally. Its stupid and I know it but so is drinking, smoking, and a million other things I do occasionally. I use a great spray tan as well....I think if you are going to do it moderation is key. When I lived in the Uk I did tan as its so hard to have any healthy color at all living there. Its a personal preference.
  7. I'm naturally tan because of my ethnicity, and where I live there really isn't any excuse to be using a tanning bed lol.

    Personally I don't think I would ever use one even if I lived in some sunless part of the world. The idea just scares me. If anything, for a special occasion, I'd use that 8 (or six second?) spray tan.
  8. I know exactly how you feel! lol. But really sunbeds aren't worth it, I read this woman went on a sunbed every day for 7 years and died of skin cancer :sad:
    I like to use St. Tropez OR!! you could try Johnson's holiday Skin it's really good too, I like to use the mousse from ST. TRopez. Debenhams has step 1, 2 and 3 on sale at the moment in a box for £20!!! Saved a fortune :smile:
  9. For me sunbeds are a big no-no. JMO. I dont think its worth the damage that you will do to your skin, why dont you try some other brand lotion or sunless tanner until you find one you like?
  10. I'm fair skinned and have come to love my paleness. Even though everybody insists that I need to go out and get a tan. They say it in a poor you kind of way "oh, you're sooo pale it's such a shame" No it's not, I like looking like this!!! I've had a few bad sunburns in my life and I get so upset. I know once I start to age, I'm going to age REALLY well, so no tanning beds for me. I actually got burnt really bad a few weeks ago on the back of my neck and was so mad at myself. I'll never let that happen again.

    Say no to sun worship!! Hahaha, I mean it's no bad if you do it every once in a while because obviously like you said, you don't have time to sit outside every day. But tanning beds--to me--are a major no-no....
  11. I would never use it!!! I love my skin color, it's one of my favorite things about myself haha. Even so, I do get somewhat darker in the summer and I don't mind that at all, but I would never use a tanning bed... especially after seeing Final Destination (was it part 3?) lol. Why do people dislike pale so much? A lot of Asian women love being pale.
  12. there are self-tanners for very pale skin, i know because i've used them and i'm so white i'm almost translucid.
    but really the best you can do is embrace your paleness. that's what i've done. i just accepted that i don't tan and my natural colour is white. i always wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun at peak hours and as a result, over the summer and little by little, i've gotten a bit of a healthy glow. and i find that it lasts longer than tans acquired by sitting in the sun and baking. and frankly, i like being pale-skinned. i'm so sick of seeing tanorexic orange skanks everywhere or 35 year-old women with so much sun damage their chests that look like tanned, stained leather.
  13. I used to lay in them back in college but I wouldn't do it again. Back then I didn't know how bad for you it could be.
  14. As bad as it is, I sometimes hit the tanning bed a couple of times a week during a couple of the summer months. Yes I know it's bad!!! However, I eat healthy, drink water, don't smoke, and exercise every day. (All I want is one vice!) LOL
    Normally though, I use Bare Escentuals tanning lotion--it's awesome and gives a very natural tan. My second choice is St. Tropez.
    I would love to embrace my paleness, but I look transparent without a little color. It's disgusting on me, really.
  15. I NEVER tan in a bed, just spray tan and self tan.

    I am just so scared to look like Magda from "There's Something About Mary" when I am older! LOL