Sunbed is the Cure for me

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  1. So all over last year and the beggining of this year I was suffering from Really bad acne , I used Proactiv, creams, name it, ive tried it. Ive spent so much on stuff that I could have bought a new bag.

    Anyway believe it or not, going on the sunbed 5 times a week for one week really helped me, then leave it a couple of weeks and do it again. Mine has cleared up...I cant believe it.

    I reaally reccomend sunbeds. :yes:
  2. Ive posted this in the wrong sorry, could a mod please move this to the Beauty bar. Thanks ! :smile:
  3. My friend had some skin condition (not sure what it was) and her dermatologist actually recommended she lay in the sun or a sunbed to clear it up. So I guess in certain circumstances they aren't really bad for you.
  4. My boyfriend has seasonal depression and gets tanning sessions prescribed!! It's on a very low setting and barely high enough to actually get a tan...but it releases the "happy chemicals". I swear he's done SO much better since he started doing this in the winter months.
  5. Might have been psoriasis, or even eczema. Both react well to UV rays - in moderation.
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