sun visors $37.29

  1. Those are adorable! Thanks for posting d!
  2. good deal! thanks for posting!
  3. These are super cute and cheap!!! Thanks for posting-
  4. thanks!!! it's so cheap, i can't find a reason not to get one or more...:graucho:
  5. I thought about getting another one, but I would have to order it online because I got one of the last ones from Saks.
  6. The are 27 now.
  7. Great deals.
  8. great deal- perfect for now. Thx for posting. SFAGIFT for free shipping makes this deal even better without having to go into the store!
  9. Thanks great deal ! :tup:
  10. awww man :sad: i think the pretty blue one that you bought has been sold out. boohoo. the pretty spring colored one isn't even on sale. but good deal!
  11. I ordered one, it arrived yesterday and I look completely ridiculous with it on:tdown: