Sun Screen in Pictures

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  1. I heard that if you're wearing any form of sun protection (even if it's in a moisturizer or a foundation) that if you take a picture with a flash then you will appear with a white tint in the photograph. Is this true? Does wearing sun screen or any type of SPF make you look different in flash photography then if you're not wearing anything at all?
  2. That's interesting..I have never heard of it before. I usually wear a very very sheer moisturizer with SPF 15 and I have never looked white in photographs.
  3. anything with titanium dioxide in it does this to me in pictures. i'm allergic to most of the chemical ones so i don't know if they have the same affect.
  4. I agree with this. My face always looks lighter than the rest of my body in pictures. Even if I am wearing a bronzer over sunscreen. I don't wear foundation in the summer. But still my face looks lighter. Interesting.
  5. That's because titanium dioxide is the sunscreen and that causes the lightness. But unfortunately, it's one of the best sunscreen ingredients out there.
  6. Not for me. I use Clarins UV Plus SPF40, and it leaves NO white tint at all. It protects well, makes me glow and is non-oily at all.
  7. Yes, I do experience this sometimes
  8. Nope, never had this happen to me. Unless I ckae on the sunscreen.
  9. yep, for me it does but it's not THAT noticable. It really is due to the tit diox.