Sun is shining omg what to do S.O.S.??

  1. Hello dolls/fellas!

    I'm a guy (twenty yrs old) and the sun is coming out.
    Since I don't have a jacket when it's hot(I get really hot immediately!!!), I don't have space to put my wallet, keys, cell, sig's, etc... and I can't carry everything in my hands

    Is the loup in earthy color a good choice? I don't wanna look too..... "gay" ynwim?

    I have a montsouris gm, it's nice as a gym/swim bag but it's too much as a daily bag I think... Also a prada messenger and hermès valparaiso, etc.. but it's just too much...

    I'm really depressed, I have all these bags but I just don't use them bec they're too girly and gay
    And I have a small posture and hemafrodite face so I'm girly without the acc... pff
    And there are some nice mono bags like the doc carriers but I don't like the patina after time.

    Is the loup a nice masc bag acc to you guys?
    All opinions are welcome
  2. Hi, how's it going? I checked out the Loup on eluxury and I like it- it's masculine, simple, clean. Have you thought about Damier? I LOVE Damier, and I think it looks incredible on a man's bag.

    BTW I don't think your other bags sound girly at all! share some pics and we'll tell you what we think :yes: Oh I have the Montsouris GM too so we're twinsies
  3. i think the earthy color is great and not too femme either. it will suit your needs in carrying everything and give your outfit a bit of subtle oomph. kwim? however, are you accustomed to carrying bags often? because some people think carrying bags gets them too hot and sweaty as well. so you may wanna consider that too since you say you get hot immediately. is there a smaller style you would like or are those too girly for you?
  4. Well I had a "fanny pack" in black leather from a Belgium brand "delvaux" but didn't like it... I made some pic's of my stuff but they're too big according to the upload-thingy here. Are there other possibilities to upload them ?
  5. I love the Damier messengers: Naviglio, Bastille, Melville messenger, and Melville reporter. (btw, I have the same jacket dilemma- not practical and too hot, but damn they look good!)