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  1. The title says it all. I have a lil' reveal..♥
  2. ooh... i just got up from a good nap... and now a live reveal!!?!?!?! sweet!!
  3. :yahoo:
  4. Yahhhh!! :smile:
    i LOVE YOUR BAGS!!!!!!!
  6. This is my something older.. Black Legacy Ali from 06. Thankx to an other TPFer I have this beauty who is just plain PERFECT !!!! She is like new and I am just in heaven..♥ And her beautiful PERFECT legacy lining..♥


  7. legacy!!!!!!!yummy!!!!
  8. AWWWW.....lovely!! There are those glorious stripes!!!
  9. Now for my something new.. I scored these yesterday..Only pair(someones return) Reg $188.. I got them for $60 !!! yeah !!!

  10. Wow. That Ali really is in good condition! :tup:
  11. Got this lil cut Fob with a swap from an other TPFer..

  12. For my something a lil' blue.. I got this from an other TPFer..

  13. oh how cute i love the daisy!
  14. I just had to show my lil' family.. I already had the wallet and cosmetic case(goes with my legacy shoulder bag) and goes OK with Ali..

    Thankx For Peekin..♥

  15. I want these! So jealous!! haha